Affiliate Hero Review

Welcome to this Affiliate Hero  review. Affiliate Hero is a cloud based software that finds products on Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank, posts them on Instagram and builds your list simultaneously.

Affiliate Hero Review
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Affiliate Hero Review

Affiliate Hero is a all inclusive system that promises to do everything that you would need to do to make affiliate sales, build your list and place the products in front of thousands of potential customers all from your cloud based dashboard. That is a pretty big promise and in this Affiliate Hero review I will be exploring exactly how and if this can be accomplished.

Affiliate Hero is brought to us by Dan Ashendorf who is highly respected in the Internet Marketing field and he has some exceptional products in the past so I am very optimistic that this software will actually do what is on the tin. I will be digging into all the features below and together we can figure out the pros and cons of Dan’s latest offering.

I see that Affiliate hero uses viral hashtags from Instagram in it’s product posts and it actually builds your list in the meantime. Now that sounds extremely promising so let’s dig in.

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In his Affiliate Hero review you will discover a lot about this software that is truly innovative. Use the finder app to find the best trending products and then it finds the best trending hashtags to post your product on Instagram. When someone comments Affiliate Hero ADDS THEM to your autoresponder automatically. No other software can do that!

Affiliate Hero review

Affiliate Hero review


1  )  Find the Hottest Trending Products

Affiliate Hero finds you the very best selling and hottest products for you promote. By finding the trending items in 3 major platforms, affiliate hero  greatly increases your odds for a successful campaign.

2) Affiliate Hero  Includes Memes Factory and an Additional List Building software

Memes factory– it  can create fantastic images that will go viral
Our super-cool list building software – it catches leads when individuals comment requesting for item coupons. This is really amazing as it grabs their email when then comment and then sends then your affiliate links.

3) Viral Hashtag Posts on Instagram for Your Offer

Identifies most trending Instagram hashtags, connects your products to them and auto posts affiliate listings for the most viral of traffic. This is were you get all the action from. The #hashtags searcher brings you the best suited trending hashtags for you offers.

Affiliate Hero Review

Affiliate Hero Review

4) My Favorite Features Is The Auto List Building and Link Sending Feature

When individuals comment on your post, it immediately adds them to your auto-responder and sends them your affiliate link– leading to possible instant sales. You see when someone comments on your product post, they have raised their hand and have shown interest. Now you have them in your auto-responder and you can start marketing to them if they don’t buy immediately.

5) What is the Story on Hashtags?

Hashtags are “hela powerful”
Hashtags are among the best ways of arranging and discovering material within social media.
Unlike keywords– they do not always have a linguistic or grammatical meaning.
They are the most used method to share info online … and they tend to go viral.
Consider the current #MeToo motion to get a scale of what’s possible).

6)  Advanced Instagram Hastag Scraper

This “in the cloud” platform has the most recent and most approximately date technology for discovering the best items in your specific niche, and after that getting them shared through Instagram’s own integrated viral hashtag system.

7)  Advanced Built in Image Editor

Now that you have everything ready to go, you can finalize the post by using the built-in image editor. This gives you full control over the image and even allows the use of Gifs that are now trending on Instagram. The image editor is the cherry on top and now you are ready to serve your offer all over Instagram.

Affiliate Hero Review

Affiliate Hero Review

  Let’s Recap On Exactly What We Have Uncovered About Affiliate Hero

The process starts when you use the product finder to help you pick the most popular items on eBay on Amazon and ClickBank. Once You choose a trending product you can edit the image or Gif with the Affiliate Hub image editor.

Now you are ready to find the best fitting viral hashtags so that the software  can post your item to Instagram. When someone comments, they are automatically connected to your auto-responder and can be sent a link to the product as well. You don’t need a website, a domain name or hosting as Affiliate Hero  is a complete system.

Thanks for reading  my Affiliate Hero Review, I sincerely hope that you found it useful.

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Affiliate Hero Review

Affiliate Hero Review

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Affiliate hub review

Affiliate hub review

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…About the Vendor

Dan Ashendorf

is a well respected as a product developer and marketer. He has many successful launches. Mr Ashendor has plenty of experience launches. Tuberr ,Commission Cobra and more recently Stream Livve




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