AppMagic Review

Welcome to this AppMagic review, here I will uncover the scoop both good and bad, every aspect of AppMagic, the easy App maker the allows you to create a real iOS or Android app from your website.

AppMagic Review
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AppMaker is a new WordPress plugin that turns your website into a full blown mobile app. I am not just talking about a mobile website but an actual working app that you then post to the App Store or to the Play Store depending om whether you choose to create an Android app or an Apple (iOS) app.

I am happy to test it out as I have been granted access from the developer to test this one out in this AppMagic review. AT this point I have installed the plugin and will soon begin the testing. One thing that is clear is that all you have to do to create an app from your website is to simply fill in a few blanks, pick a template and press the create button.

AppMagic employs an easy to use editor right inside of your WordPress dashboard, after you fill in a few blanks you are ready to download your app. Now you can install it on your phone to test or upload it to the app markets.

Watch the Auto AppMagic Review Video Below

AppMagic Review

AppMagic Review

1) Turns Your Website into an App-Creation Platform

AppMaker is a snap to install as it installs like any other WP plugin. You obviously need a WordPress website and you just upload the plugin and Boom your app-creation platform is up and running.

2) Easily Creates iOS or Android Apps with No Experience

Installation is as simple as installing any WordPress plugin. Once installed all you really do is fill in the blanks inside the app creation dashboard. You do have to figure out your icons and a splash image but you can use Google to easily sort that out.

3) Simple Step by Step App Creation

It is simple just fill in the blanks, pick out your images, pick a template don’t forget to monetize it, sort out your menus and hit the create button. I am happy to have a copy and will be making an over the shoulder AppMagic Review video.

4) “Zero Learning Curve” App Creator Platform

I started using it and immediately understood how to move forward based on the design of the user interface. Very simple, very intuitive, the editor is much like filling out a quiz. You can easily pick different templates and then switch between them to pick the one best tailored to your needs.

AppMagic Review

AppMagic Review

5) Super Simple Drop and Drag Editing

The ease of usage of AppMagic is definitely spectacular, enabling users to produce complete mobile apps with simply a couple of clicks, and release them to both Android and iPhone iOS. Plus, you get lots of training to assist you with making full use of this fantastic platform.

Let’s Go Over the 3 Step App Creation  Process

OK well, that is it. I mean it is pretty simple, here we go…

1) Upload the WP software application to your website
2) AppMagic quickly transforms your website into a mobile app & permits you to fine-tune anything you wish to within One Minute by utilizing our integrated design templates
3) Release your app to iOS and Android and take pleasure in profit-sucking, lucrative apps the proper way

Watch the AppMagic Review and Demo Video Below

AppMagic Review

AppMagic Review

Watch the AppMagic Review and Demo Video Below

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AppMagic Review

AppMagic Review

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…About the Vendor

Ed Jenjak

.. Ed Jenjak is an internet marketer and a software developer. He is the main creative force behind AppMkaer. Ed is known for his amazing launches and his suburb customer service.




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