Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review, here I will uncover the complete story, the pros the cons, every part of Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0, the instant Affiliate Review PDF maker that syndicates to 11 Social Media sites in one click .

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review
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Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is the latest release of this SaaS and as a 2.0 release there have been improvements. The main improvement is in the syndication aspect I will cover that but first let’s go over what Affiliate Machine 2.0 is. Your looking at a cloud based platform or in this case an SaaS (software as a service). I will be looking into exactly what it does here in this Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review.

You can make professionally designed “affiliate review” PDFs in only a few clicks. You can upload a nice eCover and use the original product branding to make this an eye catchy eBook about the product that you are reviewing. Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 even comes with several CTA Buttons and a place to describe the otos and also a spot to showcase your bonuses.

Now this is where the fun begins, now that you have created this affiliate review PDF with your affiliate links, it is time to post it to up to 11 different popular social media properties like, Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Reddit, Medium, Imgur, Purk, Live Journal and Instapaper and Write in just one click.

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Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

1) Cloud-Based Software

There is nothing to install. You can use this with Windows or Apple products as well as with any device including tablets. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes to put together a campaign.

2) 100% Newbie-Friendly Software

You do not require any unique abilities or experience to make money with this push-button software application. Merely login, trigger the software application, and relax and delight in the commissions you’re making on auto-pilot.

Create Stunning Affiliate Review PDFs In Just a Few Minutes

It is pretty easy to create a professionally designed Affiliate Producet Review PDF with this platform.

3) Automatically Embeds With Your Affiliate Links

When somebody opens one these reports and clicks over to obtain more details, you’ll earn money the commission when they purchase due to the fact that your affiliate links are immediately ingrained throughout the PDF.

4) Customize Auto Affiliate Machine Affiliate Review PDFs With A Few Clicks

These work fantastic ‘right out of the box,’ whatever within is quickly personalized with a ‘point and click’ of your mouse. Include bullets, bonus offers, include your very own visual covers and descriptions and more … No style abilities needed to alter anything inside!

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

5) Ability to Add Congruent Bonuses

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review allows you to automatically adds your bonuses to the review PDFs it creates to instantly boost your conversions and make you even more affiliate sales. Bottom line is adding bonuses to the product does increase sales.

6) The Ability to Make Affiliate Commissions On Autopilot

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.o shares your newly-created review PDFs across up to 11 social media sites so you’ll get massive exposure, clicks, and commissions on autopilot in and only if you have some action established on social media.

7) One Click Syndication to 11 Social Media Platforms

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 gives you the ability to syndicate your newly created affiliate review PDF to 11 social media platforms. With the oto you can post to the following social media sites,Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Reddit, Medium, Imgur, Purk, Live Journal and Instapaper and Write.

Note: There is nothing push button, you most likely won’t get flooded with traffic and sales on auto pilot. Yes this is a cool tool and yes it functions as described but NO YOU will not instantly get a ton of sales.

Remember that the sales copy is always a bit over the top and use your logic.

To Be Clear, I own this (version 1) and it is a good tool. You must engage, engage and engage again to get your social media hopping, then you WILL GET AUTOMATIC SALES!

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

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Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review

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