BribeShare Review

Welcome, in this BribeShare review, I will cover all the features and benefits of BribeShare. Bribe your visitors to share your content with PDFs, Ebooks and even Money!

BribeShare Review
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Hey everyone, Wade here and I know that you will like this BribeShare review because I am going to show all the features. BribeShare is the new cloud based “bribing platform” that gets you mad traffic. BribeShare is an easy to use, just set up your bribe and get the code. Now gently place the code on your website and wait for the action to begin. BribeShare comes with complete analytics and even has a way to verify that your content was indeed shared.

With BribeShare you can make any offer literally go viral. Build a list, sell your products or fill your events.

I am looking forward to showing you what the real story is in this review. I think it is a great idea. Bribe them into bring you traffic. You can use a PDF or some PLR content or Money. You control the amount beginning at .10 cents. Below is a video that will serve as a BribeShare Review and will also take a look at the all NEW  52 Mega Bonus Pack

Watch the BribeShare Review and Bonus Video

I am going to get into BribeShare and show you what it can do. There are a lot of features and I will cover them all in this BribeShare Review. BribeShare is based on the concept that people will always take action for a bribe.LOL! BribeShare takes advantage of human nature. I will be glad to share your link for a training that I want or better yet for a little bit of money. Now the next person comes to the page recommended by a friend and BOOM, they decide to share it and get their bribe and it goes on over and over until your offer goes viral.

bribeshare review

bribeshare review

1) Newbie Friendly

BribeShare is a cloud based software that is very easy to use. Just set up your bribe and then grab the code. Follow the instructions and place your code on the website to show your bribe.

2) Cloud Based Software

BribeShare is cloud based and that means that you can access it from any device from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

3) Creates Social Buttons

Create social buttons that you then embed on your website.

BribeShare Review

BribeShare Review

4) Quick Campaign Creation

BribeShare creates campaigns in seconds. You can control all the factors, get your code and then simply embed it  on your website to start your next campaign.

5) BribeShare Analytics

BribeShare comes with complete analytics. See how many people shared your bribe and who got paid. A/B split test your bribes to see which one produces the most shares.

6) Enjoy a Traffic Boost

Quickly boost both your traffic and conversions with BribeShare. It won’t take long until you reap the benefits of more traffic. Make more money and get more leads as you build your list.

bribeshare review

bribeshare review

7) Choose Your Bribe

Offer a Coupon, an Ebook a PDF an article or a video training, music or anything that can be downloaded. You can also offer Money, that is right pay them to share and you will get traffic very quickly.

8) Fraud Prevention

BribeShare has a special code to protect your bribe and to ensure that your offer did get shared. BribeShare uses unique clicks and link tracing to help detect fraud and to confirm an actual share. You only pay when an organic link has been

 BribeShare Review Bonus Video

BribeShare Review

BribeShare Review

When you buy BribeShare through my link you will be getting 52+ super valuable bonuses. I have included 7 cloud based marketing apps with reseller rights. They are already up and running so you can start selling and using them right away. I also included exclusive training and software with Re Seller rights for a total of 52 Bonuses available here.
BribeShare Review

BribeShare Review

The Above button takes you to my bonus page and the sales page. The developer has given everyone 5 bonuses for this and those are the ones that everyone gets. I HAVE ADDED 47 killer bonuses for a total of 52 including 7 apps with resale rights!

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