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Welcome to this ClickandLeads Review Bonus page. ClickandLeads Is The New Super Powerful  Secret Lead  Technology For Gathering Hundreds of Leads on Autopilot.

ClickandLeads Review
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In this ClickandLeads Review, I discovered how this software allows you to get Leads and Sales, and build your list with your exact target market even while you sleep.You can even get your lead-captures clicked by thousands of niche specific users.

ClinckandLeads will engage with Your audience 24/7 all on auto-pilot. You can reduce your Advertising Costs to zero simply by using this cloud based cutting edge technology.You will be able to send your follow-up campaign to your brand new leads because they are instant connected to your autoresponder.

You can now only interact with real customers that are interested in your offer.
ClickandLeads lets you gather 1000’s of targeted leads & sales. When people click on your posts, images or videos, they are automatically added to your list!

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ClickandLeads Review 1

ClickandLeads Review 1

1 ) Cloud Based App

Being on the “cloud” means that you don’t have to install any software on your device and that all you have to do is have an internet connection and sign in.This cloud-based application creates and provides Facebook “email-capture” posts and ads.

2 ) ClickandLeads Review – Create FB Email Capture Posts

Every click these “Email-capture” posts not just redirects the visitor to the post-link URL — like any other FB post– however also captures their e-mail along the way.

3 ) Easily Creates A Facebook Pixel Audience

With your ClickabdLeads Posts, You Can Save The Pixel Of Each Of The Facebook Users That Click On The Post!

ClickandLeads Review 2

ClickandLeads Review 2

4 ) ClickandLeads Gathers Leads with a “Non-friction Flow” Method!

They don’t have to signup or do anything execpt to click on your post, this causes the ClickandLeads opt-in conversion rates to be extremely high, because it is a no-friction flow system and can quickly target up to 2 billion users in every kind of specific niche.

5 ) Generate 3 Types of Posts

Clickandleads Review surprise = 3 sources of fascinating new content to select from developed straight into the application, generating luring email-capture posts and thereby leveraging fast, free, and easy clicks into easy leads.

6 ) Unlimited Possibilities

The Click & Leads user have endless possibilities and variations of content to produce the most appealing and fresh post to be the viral lead-magnets

ClickandLeads Review 3

ClickandLeads Review 3

7 ) Follow Up with Emails on Auto-Pilot

These email leads are sent out to the user autoresponder list to get the ball rolling on any follow-up sequence required to get your sales processes jumping

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ClickandLeads Review

ClickandLeads Review

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ClicksandLeads Review

ClicksandLeads Review

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