DesignLikePro Review

Welcome to this DesignLikePro Review, the WordPress plugin that creates “Eye Definition” graphics right inside your WordPress dashboard  .

DesignLikePro Review
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Hey everyone, Wade here, let’s jump right into this DesignLikePro review and see exactly what we have here. DesignLikePro is the new WordPress plugin that creates a design platform in your WordPress admin. DesignLikePro is integrated right inside your dashboard for  an easy point and click solution for all your graphics needs. The plugin comes loaded with 1000 beautiful and professionally made templates that are very easy to customize. The templates are easy to customize blog posts or pages that will bring your website to an all new level.

So what exactly is DesignLikePro? DesignLikePro is a WordPress plug-in that turns your dashboard into a graphic design studio. This is very convenient for illustrating your posts  with gorgeous graphics that add beauty to your website. Seamless integration with your website really makes for a smooth experience. You can start from scratch or use a template.

Choose your category like Ad Images, Social Media Post, Website Headers or Custom Logo. Edit any image on your blog in 1-click, add badges, buttons, stickers, arrows and more.

Watch the DesignLikePro Review and Bonus Video

Let’s get into the DesignLikePro and see what it can do. There are a many attributes that I will look into in this DesignLikePro Review. One very important feature is that DesignLikePro is being offered for a one-time payment during launch as opposed to a monthly fee which is fairly common for top tier launches. The full integration with your website and the in-dashboard graphics creation is my favorite feature, not to mention the 1000 templates ready to be customized with the drop and drag editor.

DesignlikePro Review

DesignlikePro Review

1) Seamless Integration

It is fast,easy and extremely convenient to create and add graphics to your website right from the WordPress dashboard.

2) Design Like Pro Template Library

1001 free premium quality layout templates. These a professionally designed to help visually enhance your pages and blog posts.

3)  Quick and Easy

You can create pages, blog posts and social media site posts by simply choosing a template, customizing it in the drop and drag editor and clicking publish.

4) Web Design Creation Team

Our in house web design team is hard at work creating more templates to be added to the template library on a week by week basis absolutely free.

5) Cloud Based Template Access

The 1001 template  library is integrated with the plug in for fast and easy downloads. Our servers do all the heavy lifting and this keeps your website servers from having to store the templates.

6) Drop and Drag Editing

Sweet and easy is the best way to describe the drop and drag editor. Point and click, drag and drop, adjust a little here and a little there and boom, you are done.

7) Over 1000 Images and Vector Graphics

You can start right away with over 1000 images and vector graphics ready to be incorporated into your designs.

DesignLikePro Review

DesignLikePro Review

8) Video Training

DesignLikePro comes with a series of short videos dedicated to help you with using the plug-in and they also accent all the features so that you do not miss out on anything.

So there you have it, a WordPress plug-in that is fully integrated in your dashboard. The drop and drag editor and the cloud based template layout library make this one powerful software.

DesignLikePro Review and Bonus Video

DesignLikePro Review

DesignLikePro Review

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DesignLikePro Review

DesignLikePro Review

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