Digi Store Builder Review

Welcome to this Digi Store Builder review. Launch your new digital store in just 60 seconds complete website even comes loaded with digital products like software, courses and more.

Digi Store Builder Review
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In this Digi Store Builder review I will be describing every feature in depth and I will also checkout the “60 second ” launch claim from their sales page. Digi Store Builder offers you a website complete with digital products,testimonials (which you can customize) and a very professional and handsome design.

The Digi Store Builder comes packed with both products and function. The instant up-loader is just what it sounds like the copy says that it so easy that a 9 year old child can install it. The store comes pre-loaded with 10 products that you can sell as many times as you like. So you can sell these over and over again and keep 100% of the profits.

Automatic list building and instant product delivery are what really sold me on this one. It’s all there a complete business all you need is traffic and I have that you covered as Traffic is a big part of the 50+ Bonus package included if you buy through my link.

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You will discover all the hidden features in this Digi Store Builder Review. Quick easy deployment, loaded with 10 pruducts that you can sell over and over again, automatic list building and a secure delivery system , a complete website locked and loaded for under $30!

Digi Store Builder review

Digi Store Builder review

1   ) Digi Store Builder – Instant Uploader

Digi Store Builder in such a method that releasing your website is nearly instantaneous, no setup or setup required. No technical proficiency required. Even a 9 years of age kid can do this. Perfect for newbies or anybody who is frightened to introduce a site.

2  ) Make Unlimited Sales to Unlimited Customers

You can make as much cash as possible with the Digi Store Builder which is made so you can offer unrestricted systems of products to limitless consumers and make a lot more loan while doing that

3) Comes Pre-Loaded with 10 Product

Digi Store Builder comes with a pre-loaded website with your own software, courses and eBooks so that you can offer them for sale  and keep 100% of the money from them. You can offer limitless copies and make a great deal of money.

4 ) Email List Builder Included

An Email list is your essential property in any online service and  this Digi Store eBuilder review led me to the fact that  you can build an email list & distribute your lead magnets  & items with ease.

digi store builder review

digi store builder review

5  ) Fast Easy and Instant Product Delivery System

We like automation and making your life simpler which is why, anytime you make a sale from your website, your item will be provided immediately to your clients with absolutely no manual labor required from you.

6) Built in Powerful PayPal Integration

Offering items is how you materialize cash online – that’s how the leading online marketers and suppliers do it each and every single day. To be able to do this you will need the power to accept payments utilizing Paypal without needing to handle any coding or technical problems – we looked after that for you. Simply plugin in your Paypal address & the website will immediately send you $$ anytime you make a sale.

Digi Store Builder review

Digi Store Builder review

7)  Digi Store Builder is Mobile Ready

With over 50% of the web traffic being on mobile phones, it is incredibly crucial to have a website that is mobile friendly – that’s precisely what we finished with the Digi Store Builder since every website you introduce utilizing this will be totally mobile friendly on practically every gadget out there.

8) Display Customer Testimonials

Social proof and testimonials help sell without selling – that’s why having testimonials on your site is super important, now you can add a multiple testimonials to your site for authority & social proof in 1-Click.

9)  Built-in Banner Systems

Banner ads are the way big sites make money – for you its all about promoting special offers and deals or even promoting your other websites / businesses. You can do that with the built in Banner System in the Digi Store Builder.

10 )  Sell Products in Multiple Currencies

When you run a store on the web, having the ability to offer in various currencies is an excellent thing to have. With Digi Store Builder, you can choose from a variety of currencies if you wish to offer in particular nations or areas.

11  )  Digi Store Builder  has 100% SEO Optimization Options

SEO is necessary and Digi Store Builder is 100% SEO Friendly making it much easier for you to rank your website and get natural totally free traffic on the leading online search engine. You can modify the SEO settings from the effective admin panel too.

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Digi Store Builder review

Digi Store Builder review

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Digi Store Builder review

Digi Store Builder review

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