When is an Honest Review an Truly Honest Review?

 Let’s Keep it Real about the “Honest Review” vs ” Receiving Commissions”

Tru_Reviewer_ Honest ReviewsHello I am Wade and I would like thank you for coming to Tru Reviewer for information on internet marketing products. The title says it all!~ You see there is a bit if an issue with Review sites and that is getting 100% honest reviews. The problem is due to the conflicting interest of the reviewer. I include myself in this group of “conflicted reviewers” simply because of the fact that a commission can be earned from a sale to a reader like you. The bottom line seems to come down to morality. I truly believe that by being painfully honest we will gain much more success. You wont find  5 star reviews here unless they are well deserved.

 Honest Reviews are our Bread and Butter

The point of the Tru Reviewer website is to be so honest that you will love us even MORE! We will provide you with valuable information that should help with purchase decisions. Honest reviews with in-depth descriptions are the goal here. We guarantee to keep it real and when possible we will also make “over the shoulder videos” to capture the feel and performance aspects of the product.

Promise to Product Developers

If we find any issues with your product will give you a heads up about the problem. Think of Tru Reviewer as your own in-house proof readers , beta reviewers that are here to help. Tru Reviewer is on your side. We promise to will always give a heads up if we find any issues with your software, course or any internet marketing product.cc

In conclusion, we may miss out on some affiliate commissions here and there but that is O.K. At TRu Reviewer we know your trust is MUCH MORE VALUABLE than any commissions,