iDasho Zoo Extractor Review

Welcome to this iDasho Zoo Extractor review, I will be detailing  each and every aspect of iDasho Zoo Extractor , the new WP Plugin that extracts all affiliate and seller data from JV Zoo including customer  contact emails, refund and sales stats  .

iDasho Zoo Extractor
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In this iDasho Zoo Extractor review I will be looking at a WordPress plugin that permits you to have all your consumer information from JV Zoo drawn out right into a simple to search data source.

You’ll additionally have the capacity to sort as well as mark your purchasers with keyword phrases connecting to the sort of items they have actually bought.

This detailed video clip training takes you by the hand as well as reveals you SPECIFICALLY just how iDasho Zoo Extractor functions as well as just how you can begin utilizing this in your company TODAY. Find out your buyers info, who is a chronic refund scammer or find out who buys the most from you!

The most effective component regarding iDasho Zoo Extractor is the ability to gather customer emails, that it’s really straightforward to make use of and that  any individual can easily fire it up in few minutes.

Watch the iDasho Zoo Extractor Review Video Below

If You use JV ZOO as a seller or as an Affiliate and can install a WP Plugin then you then you simply need this. Idaho connects to the JV ZOO API to bring you ALL the transaction data from your account!~  Buyers emails addresses, learn what they buy and what type of products they prefer and even who is a chronic refunder! Read below to get the scoop.

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

1) iDasho Zoo Extractor Gather All JVZoo Stats

With iDasho Zoo Extractor WP Plugin, you will be able to have full access to the complete JV Zoo database.
You can store all JV Zoo seller’s and affiliate’s transaction information right inside your WordPress admin dashboard.

2) Tailor Your Affiliate Campaigns for Better Conversions

You will have access to your customers purchase history. You can see what type of products your clients have bought. You can also see who is a more frequent buyer and you can then offer them what they like.

3) Grab All the Contact Email Information from All Your Buyers.

This is a very powerful feature that helps you build a powerful buyers list. You an then import the emails into your auto responder and start the marketing “dance” that in many cases will lead to years of steady sales.

4) Sort and Segment All Extracted Data.

iDash Zoo Extractor works wonders with the data that it gathers so that you can sort the database and view the exact information that you seek in an organized manner. “Sort by” filters and keyword searches make going through the data a breeze.

5) Instantly See Your Customer’s Buying Preferences and Habits

So here is where this iDasho Zoo Extractor review strikes pure gold. You have already gathered the contact information for all sellers and buyers, now you can sell them what they like. You can start to meet their needs and fancy. Send Video offers to the customer that always buys video software and send PLR offers to the ones those PLR videos last month, etc. etc..

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

Why is  iDasho Zoo Extractor Such a Must Have Product?

Checkout the scenario below to see what I mean,

You found the product that  you truly thought was a winner and you would surly profit from …
So you took a seat, crafted an effective e-mail and then you send it to your whole list.

And maybe you made some sales, however the issue is that …
Most likely some of your folks weren’t so curious about that particular item so they wound up unsubscribing. Oh my,THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS to ME ON A DAILY BASIS!

A few of them most likely simply write your name on a notepad or stuck it on their screen so they would certainly remember not to open your e-mails or even worse than that, they might put you in the dreaded spam folder.

The fact is, you may lose a couple of clients in just one promotion. iDasho will help you avoid this dilemma by helping you understand what your customer wants. With the information gathered by iDasho, you will have a much better chance at success with your list…

My conclusion is that  iDasho Zoo Extractor is truly a must have  plugin for any  marketer, whether your a seller or an affiliate, that uses the JV Zoo marketplace. To be clear, if you do not use JV Zoo, then this is not for you.

Check Out the iDasho Zoo Extractor Review Demo Video Below

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

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iDasho Zoo Extractor review

iDasho Zoo Extractor review

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Within 6 months after beginning in Web marketing Kevin Fahey rapidly constructed a list of over 60,000 customers and created several successful membership sites. He has launched many successful products on JV Zoo. His IM Checklists has helped tons of marketers and Kevin has a successful mentoring business that helps others find their way.




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