JVZoo Member Review

Welcome to my JVZoo Member review, we will take a good look all the pros and cons about JVZoo Member,the new Membership Site Creator with built in Sales Page Builder and Funnel Creator

JVZoo Members Review
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In This JVZoo Member Review you will discover a platform for creating your own membership sites with one of the easiest platforms to navigate. You will also appreciate the tools that are inside members area for creating the membership pages and even building sales pages for that memberships. You can create new a membership or import a membership. You can always look at the tutorials  available on each page in fact most of the JVZoo member pages will have individual training videos for that particular page .

JVZoo Member allows you to create membership sites quickly and easily, just hit the create membership button, give the membership a name,

add a membership URL, a title, a description and add a logo image and poof you are done with the set up phase. This JVZoo Member Review is going to be a blast!

Watch the JVZoo Member Review Video Below

From the dashboard you can open up a campaign and visit the site to share on Facebook, add some tags and you can even clone the site with one click, look at the dashboard to see the member’s information and how much money you made from your site.


JVZoo Member Review

JVZoo Member Review

1) JVZoo Member Sales page and Funnel Creation Tools

You get some very useful tools with JVZoo Member like the sales page creation tool. There are 6 themes to choose with all the elements and marketing graphics that you would ever need. The page builder is an intuitive drop and drag style builder that anyone can use successfully.

2) Separate Dashboard for each Membership Site

Here you can see all your members and their information. You can look at a glance and see where your traffic is coming from and exactly how much money that you have made. The dashboard has a likable design and uses cool graphs and a world map to pinpoint the countries where your visitors come from

3) Simple Three Step Course Creation

You can create a course by going through the three steps set your course pricing and
then simply click the new course button or click the wizard button to make it even easier. I will try to gain access so I can demonstrate this feature in my JVZoo Member Review.

4) Multi Featured Products Enabling

This feature lets you enable a product to be available to all members
regardless of which level of your membership they’ve purchased or
you can set different levels if you wish

JVZoo Member Review

JVZoo Member Review


5) Set Up a Time-based Course or a Static One

You can set whether or not this is a time-based course where you then
drip-feed content and you can add categories and tags to that particular
course too

6) Set Up Custom Pricing on Your Course

You can set your pricing options by choosing your course and then hitting add option this will allow you to give this option a name such as gold membership, price title that gives information about this course and a description

7) Set Up and Send Access Emails

With JVZoo Member it is easy to set up your access emails by choosing your course and modifying any of the emails that you’ve set up previously clicking the access button details

8) Drop and Drag Course Layout with 6 Themes

You can import a course using CSVs , you have the option of cloning your course
The drag feature allows you to change the order in which your courses
are laid out

JVZoo Member Review

JVZoo Member Review

9) Set Options at Lesson Level

Add resources and you can add videos you can also set options for this particular
lesson you can activate it, view it, clone it drip-feed it or drag this
module up and down to reorder as well as add related page

10) Provided Digital Content for Members

Provide content by using an external URL or through downloadable
content, simply give the content a name and a description and then you can add
an external URL for people to access.

11) Easy Access Created Content library

It is super fast and easy to add a video, just click the video button and this will allow you to add videos in a variety of ways. You can choose any videos that have already uploaded.

12) Curate Videos from Most Major Platforms

JVZoo Member makes it easy to grab content from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon s3, Dropbox or from a generic video file and from html5.

JVZoo Member Review

JVZoo Member Review

13) Create All Your Salespages and Funnels

Use the page builder tool to have the ability to create all of your sales pages and
funnel pages right from within the program.

14) Universal Drop and Drag Page/Funnel Creator

Simply click the sales page button and this will bring up the sales funnel page. Then you can choose your course then you can choose a theme from any of the six included themes. To make any changes you can use the
easy drag-and-drop system that is truly newbie friendly.

Check Out the JVZoo Member Demo Video  Below

JVZoo Member review

JVZoo Member review

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JVZoo Member Review

JVZoo Member Review

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…About the Vendor

Simon Harries

Simon is what I would call a habitual marketer. He has a ton of highly successful Launches on JVZoo. Recently Conversly comes to mind, a page builder that was very well received by the Internet Marketing Community. Looks Like JVZoo Member is going to be another Grand Slam for Simon Harries.



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