Leads2List Review

Welcome to the Leads2List review, we will uncover all the pros and about Leads2List,the new SAAS that turns one tap into a profitable new lead

Leads2List Review
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With Leads2List you can reach local individuals in your local area or city through Facebook and get their contact number. Email them and phone number to call them and transform them into clients with Facebook andLeads2List or Bring appropriate consumers to your Amazon shop using Facebook and email traffic.Leads2List never stops working.

Alright, I am gonna tell you this now, if you do not want to get leads and you do not desire to sell to leads you do not need Leads2list.. It’s going to be simply another tool that you’ll never ever utilize and as a major product creator, we don’t want that.

We want severe users.Users who will connect Leads2List to Facebook page, then use the power of Facebook leadgen advertisements to draw in a lots of fresh leads every day. Online marketers who will translate that into a never ending inflow of commissions and sales. Those are the kind of users we want to create tons of lead the new easy one tab way.

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The way to use Leads2List is to run Facebook LeadGen Ads to your targeted audience , then with one low-cost click your prospect is connected to your autoresponder where you can take them anywhere on the web like to a download or offer. If they are on a phone then they can simply tap and be placed inside your autoresponder instantly.

Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

1)   Single Click Sign Up

Just a tap or a click and BOOM you just got a targeted lead on to you email autoresponder. They instantly subscribe and you put tthem right into your list. Super fast list building as they don’t even have to put type there name or anything at all.

2) Grab Phone Numbers

Leads3List can be set up to grab many Facebook details like the verified  phone number of the Facebook user that decided to click or tab on your ad. This can be very profitable feature depending on your offer and approach.

3) Instantly Grabs the Email

When your prospects click on your Facebook leadgen ad, you then instantly collect their email and can add it to your autoresponder or even multiple autoresponders if you wish.

4) 100% GDPR Compatible 

No Need to worry about being GDPR complaint as Leads2List has all the built in elements to be 100% compliant with the new policy by the European Union that is greatly affecting all marketing with the threat of very large monetary penalties for non compliance.

Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

5) Works with Facebook LeadGen Ads

These work great with Leads2List.You simply target your audience and all they have to do is click on the ad to instantly get subscribed to your list. You can send them anywhere like a signup to a free membership or a registration for a download.

6) Connects to Any Facebook Page in Minutes

You can run this on any Facebook page that you manage and you can build your list from your page 24/7 if you wish,with the right offer your  results can be magnificent.

7) 100% Accurate Facebook Emails

All the email that you gather have already been verified by Facebook so you are getting100% REAL verified emails to your autoresponder. This is  great because most autoresponder services charge by the size of your list and bogus emails cost you money.

8) Connect multiple Facebook pages

One really neat feature is to connect Leads2List to multiple Facebook pages. I am curious about this feature and am looking forward to doing a complete Leads2List Review inside the members are to find out.

Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

9) Connects to Multiple Autoresponders

The integration list for this software is massive. We are talking about all the top twenty autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse and even HootSuite!

10) 100% Newbie Friendly

Leads2List has a 3 stepset up so anyone that can read and click 3 times can actually set this up. It is also a set it and forget it type software ( Much like the Ronco Chicken Rotisserie Oven) so you only have to set it up once!

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Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

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Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

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…About the Vendor

Cyril Guptaa-TeknikForce

has been a MAJOR player in The Internet Marketing Industry for quite some time. With over 20 to 30 Successful Launches this guy is a monster! The good thing is that  he is a sold developer with the very best record of service and support. Here is one of  his many killer products called Memester. Check it out here



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