LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review

Welcome to this LiteApp Studio 2.0 review, the new all in one version that creates any type of app from any URL. You can choose whether you want a to create an Amazon, IOS, Android, Blackberry  or a progressive app instantly!

LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review
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LiteApp Studio 2.0 is a brand-new cutting edge AI based software application that helps you instantly create truly fasinating apps from any site URL. The new version 2.0 has been totally upgraded with many new features to build all types of apps including: 1. Progressive Web Apps 2. IOS Apps 3. Android Apps 4. Amazon Fire Apps and 4. Blackberry Apps – all from one Simple to use dashboard.

LiteApp Studio 2.0 not only develops Progressive Web App (PWA) but now includes all types of apps. It is a mobile app the combines the absolute best elements of both native apps like the ones that you download at the Play Store or App Store and Web Apps that are much faster easier and much better internet browser compatibility.

LiteApp Studio 2.0 apps can be downloaded to any smart device right from a URL that you supply either on your site or in e-mails. Your app icon is then put on their house screen. Plus you can create any type of app with this new 2.o release.

Push Notifications  that you compose from your very own control panel are the icing on the cake! Messages go from your control panel right to their back pocket (phone).

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#Note: This is the New Release of  LiteApp Studio 2.0 and the biggest added feature is the ability to now make native apps for Android, Apple IOS. Blackberry and Amazon. In short you can now make any type of app from any URL.

Liteapp-Studio-2.0 Review

Liteapp-Studio-2.0 Revie

1  ) Create Stunning Apps in Minutes

Produce progressive apps from any site URL by responding to basic questions-consisting of apps for your Business Websites, Shopify shops, Amazon & eBay listings, post & more with New Ai Powered App Structure Studio.

2  ) Super Easy Access to App from Anywhere

Ease of access from Anywhere consisting of any Social network, Text, Email, QR Code and so on. The App is linkable, that implies anybody can release the mobile app directly from a URL. You can likewise share the app on social networks, e-mail, text, online advertisement, or link it to a QR code, and the user will be immediately immersed into an app.

3) You Don’t Have to Deal with the APP STORE or Google Play Store Rules!

One of the best features that I uncovered in this LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review is how you get freedom from App Stores [no requirement for Google Play or Apple Shop] This indicates you are no longer limited by iOS and Android’s guidelines and standards. You will not need to go through an approval procedure, permitting the app to be utilized as quickly as it’s all set.

4  ) Works without an Internet Connection

Your Apps work Independently of Web Connection or Strength,
Boosted with AI engine to work offline or on low-grade networks. When introduced from the user’s house screen, our AI engine allows your App to load quickly, no matter the network state or speed.

Liteapp-Studio 2.0 Review

Liteapp-Studio 2.0 Review

5  ) Create Niche Specific Apps

Produce Viral Progressive Apps For any specific niche or service consisting of E commerce Stores and Retail Chains; Health & Physical Fitness; Cars And Truck Dealers; Service Specialists; Dining Establishments, Bars & Hotels; Physicians and Dental Practitioners; Online Marketers, Coaches & Solutions; Schools; Financial Industries; Media Houses; Religious Organizations

6) Super Fast Push Notifications

Faster Loading, Opens, Press Notices than Native or web apps
A current research study states, utilizing Progressive web apps leads to
– 84% reduction in packing time
– 27% boost in conversions
– 53% boost in mobile sessions on iOS
– 24% open rate on push notices
– 8% of customers who tap on a push notice purchase

7)  Your LiteApp Studios  2.o App is VERY Search Engine Friendly

Your progressive app will be recognizable as an “application” thanks to W3C manifest and service employee registration scope, enabling online search engine to discover it rapidly and easily unlike native or routine web apps.

8)  Comes with Top Notch Video Training

No LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review would be complete without looking at the detailed training . It covers how to utilize the software application for finest outcomes … Software  application is likewise idiot-proof to utilize. Definitely no tech abilities required

Watch the LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review Demo Video Below

Liteapp-Studio-2.0 Review

Liteapp-Studio-2.0 Review

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LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review

LiteApp Studio 2.0 Review

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