Live Engager Review

Welcome to my Live Engager review, I will be exploring and assessing  Live Engager,the simple to use software that helps explode engagement, leads, and cash on demand!

Live Engager Review
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In this Live Engager Review you will see how to tap into Facebook’s ecosystem by using a simple software that does a lot of the work on autopilot and that gathers a steady stream of qualified traffic to any offer or product you promote. Live Engager taps into the traffic source that hosts at least one seventh of the entire planets population. Live Engager software offers a strategy to manage your fan pages so as to increase comments, likes and engagements.

It works on complete auto-pilot and is a simple to use software that helps explode engagement by leaps and bounds. Its an on-demand live engager that allows you to use the power of live video streaming with live polls so you can generate leads many times faster than you normally would . Live Engager helps you create dynamic live call to action videos with ten times more comments and engagements then you would get with normal videos.

Watch the Live Engager Review Video Below

Real Time live action responses are the norm and by incorporating trending hashtags into your favorite polls or contest you increase exposure. You can also schedule video polls with the FB Live scheduler. You can show offers in a ticker tape across the videos and you get real time stats showing engagement and even locations right from the dashboard.

live engager review

live engager review

1) Swiftly and also Easily Create Videos With Polls

Live Engager makes it simple for any person to get working swiftly. Simply
pick from among the numerous layouts, tailor it to your heart’s content, and after that release it on your Fanpage to get a hold of extra involvement from the your marketplace!

2) 6 High Profile Engaging Templates Complete With Voting Reaction

Currently your followers will certainly have the ability to react and also see actions in actual time with these very carefully crafted poll response themes made to attract followers in like a moth to the fire. Merely include your survey and launch!

Just seeing the outcomes brings the curiosity level up because your  followers will want to see what everyone else thinks in their group of peers.

3)  Voting Templates With Bars For Visually Stunning Engagement

When you run a contest or have some sort of poll, there’s not a much better method to get  individuals involved than by making it something enjoyable to do. These templates will assist bring your fans in droves while developing a friendly little competition in the process.

Which means more engagement for you which suggests more eyeballs which suggests more visitors to your favorite item or deal!

live engager review

live engager review

4) 6 Voting Templates Complete With Hashtag Ability

Pay attention, hashtags are still a large deal regardless of exactly what some phony expert could inform you. That’s why individuals utilize them a lot. Well now you could make the most of that added web traffic by including hashtags (trending ones also) right into your favored surveys or competitions!

5) Easy To Use FB Live Scheduler That Brings More Leads as well as Sales!

Live Engager likewise allows you to benefit from FB Live by giving you the choice to set up any of your video polls as a live video!

This one alternative alone is HUGE!!

Now you do not have to sit at the computer system and do things manually. Simply setup your video, run the scheduler, select your profile image, set your time, and Live Engager will publish on your Fanpage to inform people about your approaching video! (We’ll reveal you ways to do this action by step!).

6) Six (6) Countdown Templates that keep your audience in suspension.

Together with the scheduling choice, Live Engager consists of 6 countdown layouts that you could make use of to countdown to previous or future occasions.

All this can be accomplished with just a few steps.

7) 20 Professionally Recorded Royalty Free Music Tracks

One of the fantastic things about using video surveys or any video is that you don’t always have to talk!

When there’s no sound at all, well that can be a little ‘awkward’?

Well Live Engager has you covered. Just select from our library of 20 royalty complimentary tracks that you can utilize to accompany your video and now your video has actually gone from simply plain ol’ bland to being 100X more interesting.

live engager review

live engager review

8) News Ticker For Displaying Call To Actions and also More!

If there’s one thing we all have to admit, when we view the news or some other program, the scrolling ticker text at the bottom or top constantly appears to draw our attention away from the material?

Well, now you can use that very same technique with Live Engager!

With this choice you can tailor your text and it will show like ticker news right along with your video and enable you to use all types of call to actions for as long as you desire!

9) Real Time Reactions that Bring More Instant Traffic 

By having a great deal of activity happening with your video clips, your followers begin to share and also like your video clips more and after that it begins to boost your reach in the Facebook world so that even more will engage with your video survey or game.

As more individuals begin to see your video clips you will begin to get much more FREE website traffic that you, do not need to pay a cent for, that you could generate income from with any kind of method and that you can sign up to your list.

10)  Live Engager Live Guessing Game Option

Individuals like to play games and show just how smart they are. It’s the reason you maintain seeing those exact same kinds of articles like, “Everyone will get this math trouble wrong” or “If you figure this out, you’re a genius” and then you consider the likes, shares, as well as comments, and also you see a TON of them!

Why? Due to the fact that individuals desire to show they are above standard with these sorts of video games and Live Engager lets you take that exact same follower and ego – and helps you take it to one more level!  It is easy just establish your game regulations and show the victors names at the end of the video. Engagement at its finest!

11) 25 Plus Premium Backgrounds For Any Live Poll

25 professionally designed backgrounds that will really make your live polls stand out. Increase loyalty and authority with these top notch premium live poll backgrounds.

12) Detailed Statistical Tracking At Its Finest

You have the alternative to see how your videos are working for you. With the Live Engager platform, you can see a birds eye view of every video you release with and how well every one performs.

In this manner you’ll know exactly what type of videos to develop in the future to obtain even more engagement while dumping the rest that do not produce in the process.

Checkout The Live Engage Demo Video Below

live engager review

live engager review

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Live Engager review

Live Engager review

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