Live Video Bot Review

Welcome to this Live Video Bot Review. Live Video Bot  is the new cloud based software that allows you to schedule Live Stream Events on YouTube, Facebook and even on Instagram. Take advantage of the SEO preference given to Live Streams!

Live Video Bot Review
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In this Live Video Bot review I plan to actually get review access so we can kick this one around and see what it is made of. Live Video Bot offers you the ability to live stream from pre-recorded videos so that you may gain all the SEO and Notification advantages from each platform.

You can sign in to Live VideoBot from any device, all you need is internet access and you are good to go. You also get the ability to actually create events and then schedule them to go live whenever you wish. You don’t even have to have your computer on and the stream will still go live as scheduled.

One of the big benefits from using Live Video Bot is that you can stream to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook at will. You see these social media platforms will announce yopur live even to all your subscribers via notifications. Another major advantage is the SEO preference that Google gives to Live Streamed events.

Watch the Live Video Bot Review Video Below

Live Video Bot can greatly improve your videos reach and engagement. All your followers and subscribers will get notified when you create an event and  with the social media synchronization  aspect, you can drive tons of traffic too.

live video bot review

live video bot review

1 ) Creates Live Streams from Pre Recorded Videos

Live Video Bot give you the power of live streaming without having to be in front of the camera. You can simply upload a video to Live Video Bot and you are good to go. You don’t even have to turn on your computer and the software will still stream you live event as per your scheduling preference.

2) Stream to YouTube Instagram and Facebook Simultaneously

Live Video Bot was designed to take advantage of the preference give to Live Streamed Events by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Your video will go on top of other recommendations and your followers and subscribers will also receive notifications to help ensure that your live stream gets plenty of traffic.

3) Live Video Bot  Dashboard with Full Live Stream Analytics

The Live Video Bot dashboard  gives you access to all the analytics for your Live Streams on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram so you can really dive down with the stats so you can see exactly how your videos are doing as far as views and engagement.

4)  Create Videos with the Built in Editor

You can build out a video with an intro and outro built in as well so if you have a
face to screen recording you could use that as an intro and the outro as well
and live video bot will build out the entire video very quickly and easily.

live video bot review (2)

live video bot review (2)

5)  In My Live Video Bot Review, I discovered Subtitles on Auto Pilot

Live Video Bot will pick up your voice and translate it into subtitles. You can then place the subtitles put over the video so when it’s going out live it’ll show subtitles! You can edit the video into slides where the subtitles are placed. This will greatly expand your reach as many people watch YouTube with the volume down at work or even schools.

6) Schedule Your Live Events on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

You can schedule your pre recorded videos to go live on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram at any time or date that you wish.

You don’t even have to be logged in to Live Video Bot for this software to
go out it’ll automatically do it for you right from your dashboard very quickly,
very simple and very easy way to be able to utilize the power of live video without
having to go about having your computer.

7)  Live Event Wizard to Really Make it Easy

You can do everything from scheduling live events, creating videos and even analyzing your analytics all from your dashboard. There is a Live Stream Wizard to make sure that you can get all this done simply and easily.

Watch The Live Video Bot Review Demo Below

live video bot review

live video bot review

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Live Video Bot Review

Live Video Bot Review

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