Livecaster 3 Review

Welcome to this Livecaster 3 review, Livecaster 3 is a desktop software that allows you to get top rankings by live streaming  your pre-recorded videos on YouTube, Facebook and on every other LIVE streaming platform.

Livecaster 3 Review
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LiveCaster 3 Review

Livecaster 3 is a brand new release that will greatly increase both your reach and your Google and YouTube video rankings. You see in this Livecaster 3 review I will show you how you can live stream your pre-recorded  videos to your Facebook pages, your Facebook profile to YouTube and to virtually any live streaming platform.

You get the ability to schedule your Live Streams and you can reschedule the same video many times for say, a webinar registration or an advert that you want to run as often as you choose. You also have the ability to connect as many Facebook or YouTube accounts as you wish.

You can even simulcast your Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube , Periscope, Twitter, livestream, ustream, Twitter, Twitch and virtually any Live Stream platform.

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Livecaster 3 lets you live stream on multiple  Facebook and YouTube accounts simultaniuosly. You can schedule  live events that will rank on top of both Google and YouTube and you can also live stream on many other platforms like Periscope, Twitter and Twitch.


livecaster 3 Review

livecaster 3 Review

1  ) Live Stream  Pre Recorded Videos

Livecaster 3 affords to user the ability to create live streams from videos so you don’t have to be in front of the camera and also you don’t have to worry about any mistakes. Simple use your recorded videos to stream

2) Select to Playback Quality of Your Live Stream

One thing that I found in this Livecaster 3 review is that Livecaster 3 lets you choose the playback quality of the stream. This is very important because you can match your output to you internet signal and that way the stream will not buffer.

 3) Live stream Scheduling

You can schedule your live streams on Facebook as well as YouTube. There are several benefits to this. You can schedule a “commercial add” to run as often as you like, this is really good for webinar registrations. The other benefit from scheduling your streams is the ability to let it rank ahead of time, you can even run backlinks to it so that it tops the charts.

4) Livecaster 3 Allows for Connecting to Multiple Accounts for each Platform

You can run your live streams to as many YouTube Channels as you like. You can also stream to multiple Facebook accounts as well as profiles, Facebook groups and even as many Facebook Fan pages as you run.

livecaster 3 review

livecaster 3 review

5) Live Stream as Multiple Videos Simultaneously

Another great discovery that I found while researching for this Livecaster 3 review is the ability to live stream multiple videos simultaniuosly to whichever channels, profiles, pages and groups you choose.

6) Livecaster 3 The Ability to Go Live to Any Live Platform

Livecaster 3 allows you the ability to live stream to ANY Live Streaming platform that uses RTMP. Live stream to Periscope, Twitter. Twitch, Utream, livestream , hitbox etc.etc.

7) Livecaster 3 Takes advantage of Notifications for Greater Engagement

When Livecaster 3 sets up a live event of YouTube, YouTube in turn send out notifications to all your subscribers and then places your live stream in the “what to watch next” column.

When Live streaming to Facebook, Facebook will notify all subscribers and fans as well as place your live stream on top of the news feed.

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livecaster 3 review

livecaster 3 review

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Livecaster 3 review

Livecaster 3 review

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