Local Vid Pro Review

Welcome to this Local Vid Pro review. Local Vid Pro is a video marketing, video ranking and client prospecting cloud-based software. It even  ranks live events and then contacts prospects with page 1 results on autopilot.

Local Vid Pro Review
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The first thing that I noticed when researching for this Local Vid Pro review was that Vick Carty and Tom Yevsikov of Live Event Blaster, Auto Profit System and Rank Snap fame were the developers you can say that got me fired up with anticipation.

You see I actually own and use all three of those software in my business. This is another amazing and complete system with many moving parts yet it still retains that simplicity, that one (1) two (2) three (3) step process that Tom is so well known for.

First part is the lead finder app that fills you dashboard with tons of prospects based on your niche and location keyword entry. Local Vid Pro’s Lead Finder App then displays the contact information including name, address, phone, website plus some SEO and Social analytics so that you can see what they need.

Local Video Pro also has a Live Event video ranking app that schedules and ranks live events for multiple top ranking video results. It even contacts your prospects with the results!

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This is a 1-2-3 Step All-In-One SEO, Automated Software suite that ranks videos, ranks and schedules live events, finds prospects, displays their info, performs SEO and social analytics and then emails them with the results so you can sell them the top ranked videos.

local vid pro review

local vid pro

Local Vid Pro is truly a complete local marketing and video ranking system that consists of several parts all hosted on the cloud. I will try to break it all down below. One thing that I did find in my Local Vid Pro review is that it does so many things yet it is super easy to use which is a big plus.

1  ) Lead Finder App

The lead finder app lets you gather tons of leads and prospects. All you have to do is enter a niche and location and the software does the rest. The user interface is well designed and soft on the eyes.

2) Gathers Leads with Contact Information in Dashboard

All the  information from the lead finder app is displayed in the dashboard including names, addresses, phone, website and contact emails. There is also a button for each one so that you can email then instantly right from the dashboard.

3 ) Instant  SEO Analytics

Every prospect gets a cursory SEO analytics check  and you can see if their website is mobile friendly, the page speed and whether the use video instantly by just by looking at a graph

4) Instant Social Media Analytics

Local Vid Pro has a series of buttons for each prospect that make it easy to see what their social media metrics are. This along with the SEO analytics help you figure out what is need. The social media stats that are only  a click away include FB comments, likes, shares , Twitter tweets, Pinterest, Linkedin and StumbleUpon.

Local Vid Pro Review

Local Vid Pro Review

5  ) Local Video Ranking Module

This is really an amazing thing. I knew that I would enjoy this Local Vid Pro review when I saw who the creators were but I never imagined something this good.

Just enter the niche, continent, county, region or state, city and city part and Local Vid Pro does the rest. Just enter a prefix like, “Best” or “Affordable” and watch the magic begin.

6  ) Create and Rank Multiple Local Live Video Events

The software has a massive data base that includes practically every city and town in the word. Based on your location entries and the prefix’s Local Vid Pro creates hundreds of events and many will have have top rankings in both Google and YouTube.

7  ) Software Automatically Writes Titles Tags and Descriptions

Now you have over 100 Live Video Events ready to go with titles like “Affordable Plumber Miami” “Affordable Plumber Coral Gables”, “Best Plumber Miami”, “Best Plumber Coral Gables” etc. etc.

Another way is to  target a specific business  buy using their name instead of the general niche name. All Titles, the tags and the descriptions are instantly done for you by the software. Now you can set and  schedule them to your liking.

8) Get Notified When Events Start Ranking

You can look inside the dashboard and see when the events start ranking. You can upload one custom thumbnail for all the videos or  individually for each video.  You can upload one video per event or just one video for all the events.

9) Show Your Prospects Their Top Ranked Results to Get Paid

Every prospect has a one click email button. Show them their business video ranking on top of Google and then all you have to do is start banking!

My Summary  for this Local Vid Pro Review

This software is well thought out. The User Interface is smooth and pretty yet functional. Everything is laid out nicely inside the dashboard and is integrated to work seamlessly as one unit. The concept is simple. Find them, Rank Them and Sell Them. Just like the tin says I did find in my Local Vid  Pro review  a highly functional yet simple and easy 3 step process to earn profits, Wade

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local vid pro review

local vid pro review

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Local Vid Pro review

Local Vid Pro review

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