Mobiflux Review

Welcome to this Mobiflux review, I will be able to breakdown every feature so that you fully grasp the potential of Mobiflux, the dual action breakthrough WP Plugin that explodes your traffic and conversions

Mobiflux Review
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When I began the Mobiflux review, I was a little confused as to what it actually does as this cutting edge WP Plugin does things that until now were unheard of. First of all Mobiflux creates very noticeable ads for your mobile traffic by using mobile ad style banners and interstitial full size screen ads. Both are custom made for mobile, they look great and can be rotated plus split tested.

The second part of Mobiflux is just as impressive. Mobiflux rewards your visitors for sharing your content with others and bringing traffic to you. The plugin provides a special built for mobile secure system for you to upload the rewards. In essence you force your visitors to share in order to download the reward.

Visitors are added to your favorite autoresponder. Now here is where it gets good, your visitors get a notification when their reward is ready and that makes them return to the page for more engagement. Simply ingenious!

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While researching for this Mobiflux review, I discovered that while my website was responsive and looks great on a smartphone, my exit pop up looks more like a poop up than a pop up! Mobiflux was created  to make perfect banner ads and full screen style ads truly made for mobile. If I need this I bet most marketers do too. But remember that this is strictly for WordPress as it is a plugin.

Mobiflux review

Mobiflux review

1) Creates Mobile-Ad Style Banners

These are small format styled banners just like the ones that you would see in an app. This makes the end user’s experience much more pleasant as the ads are not brash and don’t hinder the viewers surfing.

2) Creates Interstitial Style Ad Screens

These full screen ads actually ad a step between the user and the content. By design they will have to get past the full screen ad to view the rest of the content. This greatly increase conversions due to the forced contact.

3) Round Robin Ad Sequencing

This feature allows you to rotate ads. This is great for testing and also prevents the website visitor from becoming fatigued with the same old ad every time they come to your website. It also increases your chances of gaining sales and conversions through an increased variety of offers.

4) Forces Your Visitors to Drive Traffic to Get a Reward

Mobilux offer you the ability to upload content that will then be used to bribe your visitors. To unlock the content they must send some traffic. The entire mechanism is orchestrated by Mobiflux and is super simple to set up.

Mobiflux review

Mobiflux review

5) Mobiflux Builds Your List in a Viral Fashion

Your website visitors will gladly give you their email so that they may be notified when their reward is ready for them. They new visitors that they send will most likely also be interested in the reward and will participate as well. I have come to the conclusion in this Mobiflux review that this plugin may indeed be a very very powerful list builder too.

6) Greatly Increases Return Traffic

Your visitors will come back to your website after they get their notification that the reward is now ready. Once notified they hurry back and grab the reward and are back on your webpage. This system indeed makes each and every participant a return visitor.

7) Redirect them to Any Page on the Internet After Download

When the visitors come back to your website, they do so because they were notified that their reward is ready for the taking. Mobiflux allows you to redirect them after they download the reward. You can send them to a landing page or an even an affiliate offer if you wish to.

8) A B Testing for Your Ads and Offers

Mobiflux gives you all the stats on your ads and offers. SO when you use the “round robin ” ad rotation feature, you are also collecting data on each ad so that you may fine tune your message and make more profits.

I like this one a lot. It is so well thought out. One visitor can really end up bringing many more and the viral aspect is is way cool. So a website that has only a few visitors a day can really benefit from this and see a large increase it traffic. Basically what we have here is a secure mobile content locker, mobile ad creator and a viral list builder inside one great plugin.

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Mobiflux review

Mobiflux review

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Mobiflux review

Mobiflux review

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