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Pros:  Coldleadz has 3 parts. 1st is a wonderfully efficient Lead Finder, It takes lead finding to a new level by using, Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and social media. 2) a complete one-click solution for done for you services with a 40 Tab SEO Suites. 3) Sales training
Cons: The idea that you have a “one-click” done for you service is a bit exaggerated. What ColdLeadz does come with is a 40 tab SEO suite that will help perform tasks like keyword research and article spinning. You can make money with this

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would you like to have your very own
fully-fledged online business up and
running in a few seconds from now you
see if you’ve been struggling to make
money online it’s not your fault first
you need to have a great product or
service to sell then you need to spend
thousands of dollars to market these
products or services to the right people
that are ready to buy and lastly if
you’re on the wrong niche there’s no way
you can make it profitable well we’re
about to solve all these problems with a
groundbreaking one-click solution that
does it all for you in a simple way that
works introducing cold leads cold leads
is a revolutionary cloud-based app that
enables you to launch a fully fledged
online business with just two clicks of
your mouse
simply put cold leads will create a
highly profitable online business for
you from scratch and have you up and
running making sales as soon as today
it comes with lead finder cold leads
will find you hot leads in any niche you
want by using our proprietary technology
that finds you thousands of leads with a
click of a button exclusive training
cold leads comes with full training on
how to offer your products or services
to those leads that you found making it
insanely powerful high converting and
ready to close sales for you to
done-for-you services cold leads comes
with two services that you can sell and
charge any price you want making this
the Trulie all-in-one solution that you
need to make money online starting today
we created the best software when it
comes to launching your own online
business with everything you need to
absolutely crush it from day one with a
push-button simplicity that’s built in
now you have everything in your hands to
find customers sell them a service that
the software automates for you and close
sales on complete autopilot so check all
the details down below click the Buy Now
button below and get it right now


Product Name: ColdLeadz
Vender: Luan Henrique
Launch Date: Dec-29- 2017
Launch Price: $16.93
Home Page:
Bonus Page: http//
Niche: Software 


Coldleadz is an online cloud-based platform designed to gather thousands of leads in any niche. ColdLeadz then provides the means to contact the businesses in order to offer them needed services. Cpldleadz then offer the means to actually fulfill the services while you collect the money.
Let’s break it down. We are looking at a lead gathering tool that will collect business’s name, phone numbers, location, email addresses, owner names of 1000’s of businesses according to niche.

Coldleadz has 3 parts a wonderfully efficient Lead Finder, push button done for you services and complete training on how to sell the services.It takes lead finding to a new level by using, Google, Bing, Facebook,Twitter Pinterest and many others . Sold as all in solution a complete one click solution that finds leads, sell them up to several services that are also done by the software..The lead finder alone is well worth the price of the software. ColdLeadz does come with is a 40 tab SEO suite that will help preform tasks like keyword research and article spinning.




Video Transcript
hey there it’s her friend 1 here and
today I’m gonna show you the
insane power of code reads so I’m gonna do
a quick demo video here for you
showing you all the features and what we are
getting today okay so code leads will
make it easy to anyone launch a full
fledge online business in just

and listen me carefully okay because
code leads will be extremely

for you we have three parts here this
software find leads for you have
done for you service that you can use
yourself and also you have a full
training on how to sell that service
and make quick profits online so it’s
insane so far we start here am i gonna show
you the first part that’s lead finder and
this will find you unlimited leads in
any niche that you watch okay so all
i need to do here is click new search
and then I will put my keyword here like

dentist anything I want so like if I
want SEO I just put SEO I chose the
search engine Google the social

Facebook Twitter the email provider

I can choose as well so I can quickly

boom and get the best leads possible so I
will select Gmail any location and I
have the search range here page one
to five page 6 to 10 or page 1 to 10 so
page 1 to 5 and how many to do is
click get prospects okay so get prospects
and now it’s loading all the leads I find
related with SEO that they can hit
with my SEO service that will have inside
of cold leads I can hit with other
service so very quickly we find you hot leads

the niche you want okay so it’s been
completed here and you can see I
found a lot of mails already our Gmail
accounts related to SEO niche and this is the
best software to find niche either

okay you see another softwares
out there that find you leads that

don’t buy leaves that what works and lives
that you don’t want you to have in

your business but now code leads do how
that for you with the best leads possible
to hit oh okay
I can guarantee you this is the best
leads you can get with cold leads

okay so let let complete here and I mean
quickly gonna show you what you
can do with all these leads that you found
here you can find thousands of leads here
on the niche you want okay and this is
just Gmail imagine being able to hit

and whatever you want
so it’s completed now and I find all
these leads here I can quickly spot
export to tax file or I can download
here so let me go to lead fighter yeah
and then I can see that
SEO found the emails I can put
quickly click here and export click clicking
download okay and now I need to
do is download and they can quickly put
in my autoresponder or my email
marketing service or whatever I want you to but
okay so that’s it you’ll find
thousands of leads then you have website
finder that will find the leads inside of
website so imagine being able to see
a website that it needs your service and then you can find the contact form
so you just put the website URL here
click search and we’ll find you how the
emails of the site another one its URL
finder I can click new search here and I can
do this in bulk okay I can add multiple
sites here and find quick leads for
the site also who is finder so I can see
the domain name admin email so I can find everything I need from our website
so that’s the part one lead find find new
hot leads okay
they’ll have email structure these we
works like this you just upload your
file and this will get out emails from
the and striked here for you all so you
you can extract text XML JSON
doc doc she’s X PDF and also you
have email validate for now so you can
see what in what email is working and
really will get your message and what
emails you don’t want to reach okay so you
just upload your CSV file that you get
with code leads and instantly will validate
out emails that you can reach oh
they’ll have email duplicate cleaner so you
can click click the duplicate emails and
also you can upload any file here

and quickly remove the duplicate emails
and also page stats validator to see if a
site is online or not and all that stuff
okay the second part you will have a
full training on how to sell this Dell
for your service that we are offering
you here and get sales with it ok so you will
have a full training on how to sell
how to market how to mail this code
leads that you get and how to get the best
results with the lids and last one
very important it’s the done-for-you
service we are offering here children for
your service that you can quickly use to
sell so imagine being able to sell illegal
pages for business that needs that ok
so you just click done-for-you service
here legal page creator for example you
put the legis name like blendra pink you
put the site URL so big reveals for example
PE reviews
and you click Submit then you can
click here to download out the pages and
you can quickly send for the people that
you sold this done-for-you service so you
have a done-for-you service this
page is very important and convert very very
well out business need that ok and
the second one it’s the SEO service that
you can see here so the SEO service you
will have everything about SEO and now you can quickly do a website analysis you can do like a website a litter you can social status pi2 visitor analytics you can create a backlink campaign for people you can do keyword research – so you have multiple SEO service here that you can instantly itself for these leads that you get with
cold leads so for example article rewriter art wisp inner removed object lines word counter article this density another analyzer and much much

more SEO
service that you get right away okay
you get over 40 plus SEO service that
you can sell right away for your leads
thatyou get with cold leads so cold leads
it’s dead really the best dot for you
business that you can use for a

footage on any business should day
it’sreally powerful it’s with everything
you need with the lead finder with done
for your service and with a full training
on how to sell this service to other people
so now you have your business here
in out in one place okay so that’s it it’s
incredibly powerful so make sure you get
woke up today and I’m gonna see you
later bye bye



  • Guaranteed leads and sales on almost complete autopilot 
  • Make $500 – $1000 in pure profit on every sale
  •  Studies show that almost 77% of customers won’t make a purchase if there’s no live support available on a website
  •  All cloud based, nothing to install (Works on PC/MAC)
  • Plug & Play – Done for You Biz
  • Find unlimited leads in any niche you want
  • Sell our done for you services to them
  • Collect all the money




Use the 40 tab SEO suite to produce your done for you services right inside the software.You will be able to fulfill orders in the dashboard.




…About the Vendor

Laun Henrique is a veteran programmer and entrepreneur,Laun has been helping internet marketers for a long time. His products have helped people make tons of money. Mr Henrique many successful internet marketing products to be proud of like like,WP Video Genie, Social Viral and One Stop SEO to name a few.

Important Note: Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product. My goal is to become a trusted source so I will always be 100% Honest in my assessments, Wade.



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