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Pros: It is nice to have an affordable cover builder that is easy to use. Easy to Use is a plus. Easy Cover Builder has plenty of greatly styled templates. Easy Cover Builder produces graphics such as Boxes, E-Books, CDs, DVDs
Cons: Its fast its Easy and it is cheap. The only drawback is that you won't be talking to your buddy from fiverr that used to do all your work! Have you seen the prices on Fiverr lately? They want $60 for any mockup software box

Video Transcript

hello everybody this is Wade from true
reviewer TR u reviewer calm and today
I’m gonna go ahead and do a pre-launch
preliminary look into easy cover builder
which is gonna come out January 5th
at 9 a.m. now what easy cover builder
does is claims to do is to build
astonishing soft software covers you
know boxes like those and also mock-ups
tons of mock-ups it’s supposed to be
very easy to use there’s a whole bunch
of templates available and it produces
the complete two and 3d you know covers
so it’s supposed to be very easy to use
and from what I understand you can make
unlimited amount of covers with the
front end product which is what we’re
looking at here now this is a pretty
important part of the sales page and
this is again for the front end what you
get with the easy cover builder you get
a easy cover builder app a professional
app to build 3d covers get a hundred and
fifty 3d cover models for the mock-ups
you get fifty built-in templates full
rights to all your designs it’s very
easy to export your work you can
actually save it in 2d or 3d or PNG
format and you can you know hit a button
and get the transparent backgrounds
which is really nice you know and
eliminates having to deal with Photoshop
and also there’s full training and
guides with it so here’s some of the
mock ups and covers and this video is
just to kind get your what you whistle a
little bit on this product it’s going to
be coming out January 5th and I will
have a full review in the link below and
also I’ll have a link to the bonus page
below and they have quite a extensive
bonus page that’s going to be available
just during the launch period so that’s
kind of where you have to get in there
and get it if you want to get the early
bird special you know that’s how these
launches work right so I’m gonna be
covering the bonus page in the next
video so as you can see January 5th
it’ll be coming out at $37 and you’ll be
able to make unlimited book covers
mock-ups and membership site type images
okay so this is Wade
over and out and I’ll be back with with
the bonus video well actually let’s go
ahead and run this video for two minutes
and see what the what the manufacturer
has to say about the product
you chaos out
that’s pretty cool you gotta love it now
it was pretty darn neat all right guys
this is Wade Allen over and out



Product Name: Easy Cover Builder
Vender: Edmund Loh
Launch Date: Jan-5th 2018
Launch Price: $37.50
Home Page: Easy Cover Builder
Bonus Page: Easy Cover Builder-Bonus
Niche: Software





Easy Cover Builder is an amazing 3D cover software with a cutting-edge technology that quickly creates stunning and realistic product graphics such as Boxes, E-Books, CDs, DVDs and much more.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and your product’s cover design is one of the most important factors which determines the success of your product.

Now with Easy Cover Builder which also comes with premium design templates, it makes professional cover designs ultra easy and ultra fast.

Easy Cover Builder is a state-of-the-art software that lets you create an UNLIMITED number of ANY Covers of YOUR choice from our rich library of designs!

Through this software, we have removed hours of painstaking work to develop your own slick designed covers and shrunk the process down to mere minutes.

With this you can now build your own Cover designs like a PRO – even if you don’t consider yourself so.

-Front-End (Easy Cover Builder-$37.50) – Details Here

Video Transcript

hey everybody this is Wade Allen from
true reviewer TR you review.com I’m
gonna be covering the bonuses and just
kind of lightly covering some of the
features of easy cover builder which is
coming out January 5th
so the bonuses are gonna run throughout
the launch which is from the 5th to the
9th of January so if you want to get the
bonuses you have to you know you have to
get the early bird special right so
here’s this this isn’t actually a bonus
this is part of easy cover builder part
of the front-end this is the hundred
professional ready-made templates that
comes with your account and don’t forget
you get unlimited covers and I believe
it’s 3795 for the front so anyways
here’s your templates right here and
I’ll just stroll through them slowly and
you can take a peek at the quality which
you can see is you know top-of-the-line
quality so that’s good they have decent
templates anyways to me we can see that
alright so now what I’m going to do is
go right to the bonus page because this
video is about the bonuses really so the
first bonus is going to be 20 whiteboard
style characters the second bonus will
be 200 high-quality flat design icons
the third bonus it’s going to be 20
high-definition backgrounds bonus number
four four hundred flat design mascot
characters okay and again this is the
bonus bonus page for easy cover builder
which is coming out January 4th so you
get all these key little characters and
let’s see what else okay now I guess if
you go with the first upgrade you’re
gonna get 40 audio tracks if you go with
the second upgrade which I believe will
cover all the utyos’ in another video
right now I just want to show the
bonuses to the bonus
or OTO it’s gonna be six landing page
designs and another upgrade bonus is
gonna be twenty corporate PowerPoint
themes so and it looks like just another
OTO which would cover which would give
you this bonus here so we’ll do this
we’ll go ahead and make another video
covering all the ot O’s but for right
now this is your bonus video for easy
cover easy cover builder I believe is
what they call it now so alright guys
that’s it
wait Allen over now don’t forget to
subscribe and click the links below
there will be a click for the full
review a click for the bonus page and
probably a link to true review or calm
awesome thank you

Esay Cover Builder Features Include:


  • Build professional Covers and Realistic Mockups in just minutes
  • No previous experience or design skills required
  • Create UNLIMITED Covers from your browser
  • Easy Cover Builder works on Windows and Mac
  • Scale this rinse-and-repeat system for job-replacing income
  • Create Bundle packages almost instantly
  • Create mock up Covers for any presentation
  • Start your own business designing Covers
  • Create sellable templates and designs.




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…About the Vendor

Edmund Loh

World Authority On Internet Marketing & Digital Publishing. Founder of Musemancer, an Internet Marketing consulting and Digital Publishing company.




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