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Pros: My IM Emails Review shows the crazy value of this product. Imagine a cloud based software with the exact same emails that Kevin Fahey used to make over a million bucks.The really neat part is that they are easy to sort and even easier to copy. He even includes all the stats like click thru rate and opens. 1200 sort-able headlines and also with stats. Heck of an offer IMHO. All for $7 bucks, that is crazy.
Cons: The only thing that I don't like is that the OTOs' are off the chain. Meaning that I will have o get at least two of them. The IM Email Pro adds another 1200 emails and the Funnel Builder really sets it all in motion.

In this review of IM Emails, I will show you exactly why I decided to review this for you. The reason is it Rocks. Kevin Fahey is a very well known marketer that makes 6 figures a year. I personally remember buying his stuff years ago!

In this IM Emails Review you will see that IM Emails is a cloud-based software (SaaS) that he developed. It is a searchable data base of the exact same emails that he uses. He includes all the stats like open rates and click through rates. I included a demo video from the member’s area so you can actually see what it looks like.

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review


The funny thing is that I really need this product. If you ever bought anything from my links, well then you are on my email list. But I NEVER email. I know it sounds crazy but every time I go to write an email I jam up and just don’t do it. Wow, I bet could have bought a new house on the money that I have lost out on by not emailing.

What Exactly is IM Emails and What Do You Get?

As you can tell from my IM Emails Review I am on board. Here is a list of what you get

1) Over 430 emails sent from Kevin Fahey”s Aweber account over the past 8 years.

They Include affiliate promotions, links to blog posts, free training webinars including direct promotions for his own products. All of these emails were sent to a list of above 20,000 subscribers so you know you’re getting real results from a large database.

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review


2) Over 498 emails sent from Kevin Fahey”s Aweber account to his JV Partners and Affiliates.

If you are into product creation or plan to be then these are essential. Most of these emails have gone out to over 2,000 affiliates over the past 5 years. The subject line makes all the difference between getting your launch noticed or not. Simply copy Kevin’s success with these proven JV Email Subject Lines.

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review


3) Kevin’s BEST follow up campaigns 16 in all with over 100 emails.

The same emails that consistently and effortlessly increased his backend profits for every launch for every giveaway and every opt-in page.  These emails have been proven to add an extra 25% to his monthly revenue. Kevin will be including a bonus training video on this exact topic! You can watch and learn. Best of all you can do the same as he did for your business as well.

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review


4) The Early bird and Webinar email series.

These are a series of email that Mr. Fahey uses for his pre-launch campaigns. You get the same powerful pre-launch, early-bird campaigns that are the ground bases for a successful launch.

5) Over 1200 Searchable Email Headlines with Stats

Bottom line, it is all about the headlines as they truly the reason that they either open or don’t open your emails. To me the headlines with stats are of great value.

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review

Grab IM Emails for the crazy low price of $7.00. Remember its all in a cloud-based software with all the stats like open rates and click through rates.

I hope at you found my IM Email Review helpful and that I can become a trusted source for your Affiliate Marketing product review needs. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and hit the bell to get notices for my latest reviews, Wade

IM Emails comes with several Up sells and One Time Offers

Up sell 1 of IM Emails is called IM Emails Pro

Up sell 2 of IM Emails is called IM Funnels

Up sell 3 of IM Emails is called IM Funnels Pro

Up  sell 4 of IM Emails is called IM Funnels Reseller

Up sell 5 of IM Emails is called IM VIP Training


I Will Be Giving You Some Very Valuable Bonuses that I Think Will Make Your IM Emails Even Better and So that You Will Be Successful in This Endeavor.


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IM Emails review




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