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Pros: Great concept, very ingenious. Quality memes are viral by nature. Memester has a nice feel to it and is very easy to use. Memester allows you to add meta tags to your videos for good SEO. CTA offer scan rendered with captions and emojis.
Cons: Hard to find any flaws I but it would be nice not to have to download the videos and to upload and render them in the platform. That would take a lot of processing power so maybe it is better as it is
Video Transcript
over 100 million hours of videos are
watched on Facebook each and every day
on YouTube it’s an even more staggering
500 million hours even on Twitter video
is fast becoming the content type that
people love the most so here’s a
question are you getting your fair share
of customers from this huge number of
people viewing videos every day if your
answer is no then you’re going to change
that starting today let us tell you
about the most powerful video marketing
on the Internet today we are sure you’ve
seen it and it’s already registered in
the back of your brain somewhere as
something you’re going to try it’s video
memes a video meme is just about any
video Mima fied with the addition of a
catch line above and below the live
video yes it’s that simple but it’s
effective beyond your imagination you
see it capitalizes on a very strong
psychological phenomenon people scroll
their social media feeds very rapidly
according to an estimate a single
Facebook post only has about a quarter
of a second to register before it’s lost
after being scrolled up most videos
never even play in the feed not only
that a staggering 85% of the videos that
do play on Facebook are played without
sound what does that statistic tell you
your video practically has no chance to
be discovered but not if you make video
means people instinctively pause and
read those video catch lines that means
your video actually gets registered on
their psychie just this one change can
mean an explosion and views engagement
and a lot more customers your video gets
longer watch times more views and more
clicks to your opt-in pages you could
create them using any professional video
editing software like Adobe Premiere
sure you’ll need to buy an expensive
software and then spend hours learning
how to use it so you can work manually
to create these beam videos all this for
a task that should have been just one
minute simple well now it is introducing
meme stir meme stir is a powerful new
application that takes care of
everything you need to have to create
compelling video memes you can make
video memes out of your own videos where
you could find videos on YouTube from
right within meme stir and turn those
into memes it lets you do everything in
a matter of minutes and even supports
importing graphics so you can easily
create overlays and call to actions over
the videos not only that you could post
and schedule the videos for publishing
on Facebook YouTube and Twitter from
right within the software so yep finds
create and publish all from within meme
stir keep reading to discover how
incredibly powerful video memes can be
and how meme stir makes it dead simple
for you to profit from them there’s a
demo video farther down the page that
shows you exactly how it works make sure
you watch it meme stir is on a special
sale right now and if you pick it up
today you will be able to start
instantly even as you save money claim
your real profits from video marketing
click on the button below and make meme
stir yours today



Product Name: Memester Video Edition
Vender: Cyrus Grupta
Launch Price: $26.75
Home Page:
Bonus Page:
Niche: Software-Video



What Exactly is Memester Video Edition?

memester_ map
Memester Video Edition is a powerful desktop meme making software. It is a powerful application that lets you create memes and video Gifs with built in call to actions. Memester allows you to search YouTube and find videos based on keywords to create memes from.

Memester allows scheduling and posting of meme videos from you dashboard. It is pretty simple to do. You can use overlays and tag lines as well as call to actions in your meme videos.You can even overlay images on your videos. Post right to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

-Front-End (Memester Video Edition – $26.75) – Details Here 

Watch Demo Video:


Memester’s Features Include:


  • Literally pull in new visitors by the hordes using the ‘watchbait’ technique
  • Used by the top e-com & content marketing sites Take advantage of the immense popularity of videos on Facebook
  • Go Viral on YouTube & Twitter to
    Create massive
  • Generate a crazy number of clicks to your offers
  • Massively boost your social media presence )
  • Refreshingly easy to use even for total newbie
  • Go Viral & Reach 10x More Customers
  • Get Massive Traffic from All 3 Leading Social Sites
  • Get full reporting and control of how your content is working
  • Turn portions or segments of videos into viral videos easily
  • Post content for weeks ahead using with Full support for scheduling
  • Create MP4 files or GIFs and distribute any way you want
  • Syndicate to multiple social media accounts from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter



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…About the Vendor

Cyrus Gupta A veteran programmer and entrepreneur. I’ve worked in a number of different profiles, in different markets. Currently I run a software products business, creating software and services for many markets.



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