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Pros: Modify Any Transcript Or Subtitle, Line By Line. Customized Voiceovers - You Have 100% Control. Timestamps: Turn Your Videos Into Highlight Reels. Adds a logo watermark to your videos. Shares your message with a global audience. Increase e-Commerce DUPLICATE your eCom stores in minutes to drive higher sales
Cons: The only con with any cloud-based platform is that you have to have a good internet connection.
Video Transcript
hey everybody this is weight and this is
what we’re looking at here is recast Lee
it’s coming out today
it’s Sam backers new marketing video
player it’s a cloud-based deal and it
involves branding your video subtitles
voiceovers and all kinds of stuff he’s
got some animations and things that no
one has so this might be one of these
breaking groundbreaking type products
that Sam backer does every once in a
while last year he had I think a couple
million dollar products so he’s pretty
good I’m gonna go ahead and play the
video for you let’s say I’m tell you
about it after the video we’ll go ahead
and shut this down and I’ll do another
video on a demo of the behind the scenes
demo of the other product so all right
here we go Sam take it
hey this is a back and you’ve probably
seen hundreds of flashy video and
Thrones like that before if will win you
luck marketers tell you how important
video is for traffic and conversions and
the sets online video drive about 80
percent of all online consumer traffic
and AD converts any other type of
content then you hear that in order to
profit with video you need to grab
attention maybe today you need a cute
animated explainer character like this
one tomorrow you need the power of 3d to
WoW your visitors and attract attention
the next day you fear that stop-motion
is the latest thing
add it all up and what do you get a
massive collection of expensive tools
all in the hopes of getting more
attention to your videos if these tools
actually works you wouldn’t see new ones
being offered every day currently there
are over two thousand 118 video products
for sale on jvzoo let’s read thousands
of different ways to get attention to
your videos it’s really not that
complicated video is simply a way of
having a conversation with your
prospects you don’t need special effects
and laser beams but you do need to make
sure your message gets through for
example if you’re watching this video on
Facebook you probably wouldn’t hear a
thing because 85% of Facebook videos are
watched without sound real conversion
killer when you’re talking but no one
can hear you same for mobile the source
of 52 the scene of online traffic in
noisy environments when the sounds odd
you’d completely lose your audience if
your video relies completely on audio to
get your message across you’re leaving
all kinds of money on the table
imagine this instead videos with visible
captions deliver your message to any
audience on any platform whether the
Sounders on or off
studies show that messages with both
sound and visual subtitles are more
easily absorbed and remembered by your
audience see the difference the other
massive benefit of adding subtitles is
the ability to reach an end
audience so you could be presenting an
English but have captions written in
different languages now you can use the
same video and get your message in front
of a global audience seven out of the
top ten countries for online sales have
populations where English is not the
primary language a billion dollar market
of active buyers many of these foreign
countries aren’t targeted by online
marketers so promoting to them is
incredibly profitable subtitles also get
you more free traffic Google and YouTube
rank videos with captions higher in
their search results just how well do
video subtitles work and September of
this all right guys so that’s a little
warm-up on the sales page and I’ll have
a link below or you can go ahead and you
know take your time on their sales page
and see more of it remember that that
link is an affiliate link and if you do
buy through my link I will be you know
making some type of a commission so and
to encourage you to buy from my link I
have three giant bonus pages and you can
pick any one of those pages as your
bonus if you buy this through my link
each one of those have 16 products and
all new stuff too it’s not like this old
you know old rehash stuff all new
WordPress plugins apps and trainings and
I think there’s a graphic packs in there
too so just click on your links below
you’ll see the three giant bonus pages
and you can have everything on any one
of those pages as a free bonus from me
plus Sam has some bonuses with the
product that you can see right here in
the bottom of his sales page so cool man
that’s it’s about it I don’t forget the
money-back guarantee so you won’t ever
lose anything and I will go ahead and
come back at you with another video
which is going to be a live demo of the
product you know from the from the
dashboard so all right man this is wait
over and out



Product Name: Recastly
Vender: Sam Bakker
Launch Date: Jan-17th 2018
Launch Price: $27.00-$47.00 one-time
Niche: Software-Cloud Based
Home Page: Recastly
Bonus Page 1: Giant Bonus #1
Bonus Page 2: Giant Bonus #2
Bonus Page 3: Giant Bonus #3




Video is by far the form of content that best engages with people. Nothing drives traffic and converts like video. Videos capture you attention and lead to conversions and sales. Most videos on Facebook are watched without sound. So subtitles are very attention grabbing and work well with no sound.

Recastly is a cloud-based platform where you can add branding, subtitles and one really cool feature is subtitles in different languages. So you can market your video to foreign markets as well.

Turn ANY video into a profit channel in multiple markets. Exploit social media, foreign language markets, mobile traffic & more

DUPLICATE your eCom stores in minutes to drive higher sales. Convert any eCom video into any language to tap into massive buyer markets UNTOUCHED by your competition.

Explode your affiliate, CPA & list building profits
10X your exposure – and profits – simply by sharing your message with a global audience

Top learning platforms like Udemy already embrace video caption technology because it converts more prospective students into paying customers …

Find a review video for a product you’re promoting, customize your subtitles & language … and profit using videos made by others!


-Front-End (Recastly-$27.00-37.00) – Details Here


Recastly  has the Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (Traffic Xtractor 2.0 – $27.00-$37.00 (See Details Here)

-OTO 1 (Recastly Pro – $27/Month or $97/Year) (See Details Here)

-OTO 2 (Recastly Agency – $197 One Time) (See Details Here)

-OTO 3 (Recastly Video Player – $27/Month or $97/year) (See Details Here)

Recastly comes with a 30-day money back policy. To put it another way, you will be able to have your money back completely if you have any problem with this offer . I only review products that offer complete refunds so you are NEVER at risk!


Video Transcript
0:00 / 15:00
hey this is Rohit and I am super excited
to take you to recast Lee and show you
how it works
we have spent months developing this
one-of-a-kind app that uses
state-of-the-art machine learning and
the results are just mind-blowing
now you may already know subtitles are
incredibly effective but adding them has
always been a pain and can take several
hours and can cost you a lot of money
with recasting adding subtitles to your
videos have never been easy so first let
me show you a sample video from YouTube
John is the CEO of his brand-new company
today is a great day as he finished his
ico and raised enough cryptocurrencies
to start his project he knows he has to
now convert his cryptocurrency into real
money if he wants to be able to pay the
different services providers he needs to
make his business move forward now here
215 video with subtitles John is the CEO
of his brand-new company today is a
great day as he finished his ico and
raised enough cryptocurrencies to start
his project he knows he has to now
convert his cryptocurrency into real
money if he wants to be able to pay the
different services providers he needs to
make his business move forward all right
so the subtitles that you just saw were
created using recast lee within minutes
the subtitles are incredibly accurate
and they also look really professional
this is because Rick Astley lets you
hard code the subtitles so that no
special step is required by your viewers
to see the subtitles also if you may
have noticed subtitles are revealed word
by word instead of the standard line by
line now revealing subtitles word by
word is incredibly effective as it won’t
give away what happens next in the scene
and all of this was done via recast Lee
in just a few minutes let me show you
how I did it using the recast Lee app
okay and inside the dashboard right now
and we have kept it dead
once you login we start right away
by creating a project you won’t need to
spend time setting up your account it’s
all ready to go so I will just go ahead
and create a campaign I will give this
project a name demo campaign now once
the project is created let’s go ahead
and edit it okay first of all you can
see we have laid out all the steps
pretty nicely at top here again this is
because our focus is to make it as easy
as possible to use the app so first step
is choosing the video source now we got
several options here I can choose a
YouTube URL I can use a facebook URL I
can use a Vimeo URL or I can upload the
video from my computer so the video we
saw earlier was a YouTube video so I’m
going to use YouTube URL in this case
now I’m going to paste the URL that we
had this you will paste it here and as
soon as I do that you can see that data
these two fields have appeared so the
first field is subtitles source so we
have three sources right now we can
generate the subtitles automatically or
if you have SRT file you can upload it
and there are there is option to use
professional subtitles as well
we are going to generate the subtitles
automatically for this demo just so you
so you can see how accurate the
subtitles because we can produce however
if you already have an SRT file that you
want to burn on to the video
you can do that using the upload SRT
file so let’s choose generate subtitles
automatically now now once I do that you
can see the target language was
populating and it got populated with all
the languages so you can see there are
so many languages that you can use and
convert this sub
this into so we have all English Spanish
Chinese and a lot of lot of languages
here so it’s all we are covering almost
all the languages so for this demo let’s
use English and let’s go to the next
okay on this step you can see the
subtitles were automatically generated
here and this is a very important step
here you can see the subtitles one line
by line and also if you click on any
line to preview here on the right side
we’ll play that particular section on
the video so if I click here burning
today is a great day as he finished his
iceo and so you can see that inflate
this part here this is a great way to
see what was spoken in the video and
verify if the subtitle is idle
auto-generated are accurate and if you
think there is a mistake you can easily
edit those words out for example if I
want to change this to something else I
can just do that from here by typing but
though the words were right so I’m going
to change it back that’s how you can
edit the subtitles if you feel there is
any need but I can see that they are
really two currencies the starters
project he knows he asked the now
convert yeah so these are pretty
accurate so I’m not going to change any
of these and but if you want to you can
do that as well so let’s go to the next
step now
all right so this is a big step and my
favorite step step here we can design
the way how your video is going to turn
out first of all at the top we can
select the video sizes with recast Lee
we can actually make better videos by
changing its sizes now for example if I
want to create a video for let’s say a
mobile device where your audience is
mostly on mobile for example Instagram
then I can use a vertical size and it
will add these bars here so the video is
more optimized for mobile living and if
I want to add a fixed text at the top
and the bottom you can do that as well
if you seen those videos on Facebook
where there is a fixed text at the top
and the bottom and want that to your
videos then you can choose this option
the way this works is really simple you
just add in this is my message and this
this message will stick throughout the
video at the top of your video and the
same thing for the bottom text and you
can completely customize the font and
other settings for this so if you want
it to be a different font you can do
that and you can increase the size maybe
and you can customize it completely as
you like so that’s how the fix text
option works and you can also do it only
for the top and the bottom or the both
but for this video let’s go with the
standard let’s stick with it and let’s
go to the next step so the next step is
adding watermark to your video and you
can turn it off if you don’t want it so
watermark is a text or a logo that you
can show throughout your video and
wherever you want it so if you want you
can this is the watermark and right now
it is selected as text you can just drag
and drop it anywhere you want it in your
and it will stick there throughout the
video so that’s the watermark you can
also use image for this but for this
demo we are going to turn it off and the
next step is boiling subtitles into the
video burning subtitles onto the video
would be your viewers will never need to
take any additional steps or need any
special player to view the subtitles
also for uploading videos to Facebook
it’s the only way right now to subtitle
your videos because Facebook still
doesn’t entirely support captions as
YouTube does okay so I’m now going to
keep this turned on and the next option
is whether we want to reveal the
subtitles word by word this you saw
earlier in the video and I can also turn
it off if I want to but I will just use
it I’ll just keep this on and the the
subtitles that will appear in the video
will come up word by word as they are
spoken by the presenter so that’s the
word by word option now in next option
we have formatting settings now here you
can see there are subtitles templates
that I can use so these these are really
good ones and they look really
professional and I can this
you can use them right now I’ve changed
the font so but I can also drag and drop
my subtitles anywhere in the video so if
I want to it but all of these templates
have different fonts and different
styling to take in twos or if I want I
can completely customize this font this
text and the size and all those things
so let’s go with the point that I had
using them that was quick stats and I
was 20 and a background was flat
all right this is the transparency so
this looks good and yeah I think also
you can change all the other things so
for example if you have a watermark as a
text you can make the changes here for
that and the fixed X changes the styling
as well so yeah this is the step 3 now
let’s go to the step 4
okay so on this step we can actually
replace the voice that is in the video
with automated voice and these voices
are really professional and you can
completely customize them as well so if
I turn this on if you really want to
replace the voice then only turn this on
otherwise keep this off but for this for
the sake of the demo I’m just showing
you here so if I turn this on I can see
the subtitles again here and I can
actually choose a language I want the
subtitles in so but right now we have
chosen the language to be English so
let’s see what options we have for the
English language so right now we have
this one English this female voice and
there is also some other voices so here
is a male voice and there are also
different kind of accents that we can
use for this there is a British English
voice there is a Indian English voice
and Australian and many other accents so
you can choose any one if you like and
once you choose it then you can play a
sample video sorry audio normal volume
for the first sentence louder volume for
the second sentence when I wake up I
speak quite slowly I can speak with my
normal pitch but also with a much higher
pitch and also with a lower pitch yes so
you can see that you can change the
volumes and the pitch
and the speaker will speak those
sentences accordingly so if you select
this this line and then you can just
preview this how John is the CEO of his
brand-new company yeah you can hear how
it sounds and then once you are done
with the settings here and if you like
everything then you can just go ahead
and go out to the next step but for this
video app we are going to turn this off
and we’re going to go to the next step
all right so this is our final step here
we can have a recast Lee branding which
you can turn it off if you are a pro
user and then we have option to upload
the video to YouTube or Facebook once
it’s done rendering or you can also
request an email with the download link
so this way we can actually get a
download of the video and we can upload
it anywhere we want to and we can also
get ourselves the SRT file so even if
you don’t have a certified racast Lee
will automatically create a 70 file and
then send it to you so that’s let’s keep
this and let’s go to the next step all
right now the video is now going to
process we it usually takes 24 hours but
it’s generally done really quickly in
our case I think it will be done within
few seconds so oh actually it’s already
done so yeah because this video was
really short and it worked really fast
but to gain always you have to wait a
little bit depending on the total video
length of your video so this is the
downloaded file John is the CEO of his
brand-new company today is a great day
as he finished his IC o—- and raised
enough crypto currencies – all right
you can see it’s it’s really good and
everything is nice so yeah so this is
how pretty costly works



  • Turn ANY video into a profit channel in multiple markets
  • Convert any eCom video into any language
  • Explode your affiliate, CPA & list building profits
  • Modify Any Transcript Or Subtitle, Line By Line
  • Make Stunning Videos That Stand Out Every
  • Voiceovers – You Have 100% Control
  • Timestamps: Turn Your Videos Into Highlight Reels & Sell Even More
  • Add a logo watermark to your video
  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Deliver messages clearly and accurately
  • Explode your affiliate profits
  • Customize your subtitles & language




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