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Pros: Most advanced chat plugin ever. Chat on Facebook from Website and vice versa. Auto replies in messenger. Message me button generator. Automatically tags lead so they re-engage with your page as they return to see what was said about them! Socilead messenger allows you to hide/delete comments
Cons: Limited to 10 sites without an upgrade. Some features held back on Front End Offer. To be fair that is the standard for Internet Marketing products.
Video Transcript
0:07 / 10:09
hey everybody this is Wade from true
reviewer what we’re reviewing here right
now is Sochi lead messenger it is by far
the most advanced Facebook messenger
chat messenger available because
Facebook has recently allowed developers
a little more access and this is the
outcome of it what happens is when you
first of all it’ll automatically
communicate with the people you know on
your Facebook page right but the cool
thing about this chat plug-in is that
well actually it’s a cloud-based
platform but the cool thing about this
is it will respond to the people in
their messenger as well as on the page
so you can privately it can
automatically communicate with them
privately through messenger which is
awesome so that’s that’s one of the new
features that also we’re going to just
kind of look through the page a little
bit and I also have access so I’m going
to do a a real live over-the-shoulder
demo for you guys to and you’re gonna
you’re gonna see that so what we’re
looking at here is just kind of looking
at the sales page we’re just gonna run
through it slowly and I’m going to show
you what it does first of all it’s a
chat bot so that’s means automatically
communicating with your customers right
now the old way was where they you would
have to put all these transcripts into
the chat bot and then if they said this
it would say that and this is you know
way way beyond that this is way more
advanced than that what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna look at some of the
really major features about this right
now and I want to kind of hone in on it
there’s a lot going on there’s a link
below to the sales page so you know if
when you really if you really want to
look through it more but I want to kind
of just hone in on what I believe is the
most important part
this how it’s going to you know work the
best for us so what we’re looking at
here is gonna be there it is there’s the
product so she lead messenger right
all-in-one automation and live chat
software so it’s the first time that
they actually had access to that right
so you’re gonna be able to respond you
know directly to the person’s messenger
and they’re gonna check and see what’s
going on so this is amazing increase in
communication I’m gonna go ahead and and
show you some of the major features now
one thing I like a lot is they included
67 different languages within the
facebook chat plugin you know so you can
you know you can have a page and
whatever laying what you want
communicate with these people the next
cool thing about it is the fact that
that I was kind of covering before is
the Auto comment private reply that
never has been done before so
set-and-forget comment reply in private
reply based on auto detect simple
keywords that respond within seconds
please plus send them a private reply
directly to their inbox for special
offers once you sent a private reply
they become your messenger lead so
that’s the deal right there you send
them the private reply and then you can
send them an offer now this is a really
cool feature here the auto tag right so
it’s gonna tag any person that comments
on your you know in that chat right so
it’s going to tag them they’re gonna
receive a notification that they’ve been
tagged they’re gonna click on it and
they’re gonna want to see you know
what’s been said about them right so
this is going to have them return to
your page you know for more engagement
so the auto reply and tag comment or
feature is awesome and I believe that’s
gonna be
pretty big between that and the private
messenger automatic replies you’re
really looking at something that’s never
been done before
okay so now we’re looking at custom
engine images gifs videos can all be
placed in your comment reply so I mean
you have the full access to all types of
media which is really cool you can set
your custom keywords to trigger their
responses you know so I mean there’s
really a lot going on now this is
hide and delete page comments and what
they’re talking about here is your
competitors coming say there’s that one
competitor that you’re always fighting
against right they can come to your page
and kind of see what people are talking
about what they like about your product
with you know whatever it the Intel is
if you want to keep that to yourself you
don’t want your competitors to have
access to that you can hide the comments
right there so that’s a really cool
feature in itself yeah so you know I’m
just kind of scrolling through here
showing you some of this stuff one more
thing that I really enjoyed that I’m not
seeing here and this is just a
preliminary of the sales page it might
have you know it might be different when
you see it so don’t worry about that one
thing that has is the button generator
which is really cool it’s the CTA button
generator and you can you can generate a
button in your replies that they can
just hit and boom go right to your offer
which i think is awesome
that’s again never been done before so
you know there’s a lot of ground
breaking stuff with the software really
is let’s just read this together here
the software handles 99% of the heavy
lifting just add Facebook turns out of
private replies into Facebook message
leads okay with lifetime retargeting
image has a full sales conversion with
every hour imagine a full sales
conversion with every website visitor so
I forgot to tell you that the other
thing that’s really amazing about this
is a chat plugin so you know you’ll get
a little code you put your
actually it’s a plugin you’ll have the
Pete your website visitors will be able
to you know communicate with you through
this system from your website so all
this can be going on from your actual
website again unheard of before so
what’s cool about that is you don’t have
to have a website chat let’s say you you
know usually you have to pay five ten
nineteen dollars a month for a chat
plugin so you can communicate with your
customers at your actual website using
this you will be able to actually have a
representation of these chats at you
know on your website where you can
actually talk to the people there so it
eliminates the need for a chat plugin I
totally spaced that because I was having
so much fun with the other features so
you know not only are you automatically
replying to their comments send it into
their into their messenger generating a
button for a CPA CTA offer or whatever
else you have tagging them automatically
so they go check it out but also you
could be doing this and communicating
with them on your website yeah I totally
face that man so here’s some of the
manufacturers bonuses you know and I’m
gonna have sixteen actual bonuses with
this so if you guys want to buy this
through my link down in the chat I will
have 6teen actual bonuses and they’re
going lifetime right now for the monthly
so you can go lifetime on this thing I
want to take you right now just take a
quick peek inside just show you what it
looks like this is what you let’s just
go back a little bit here right so let’s
say when you first arrived its social
lead manager what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna actually let’s see what we
got here folks
do we here we go
now on the left here you can see some of
the features at a house you have your
dashboard we have your Facebook account
setup cost your customer chat plugin for
your website okay message us button
which is really cool
now this is right here where you would
make more inside the dashboard right now
guys so right here both would be high
you would attach your account to it
there’s going to be a few people
reviewing this right now so I’m probably
not going to attach my account to it but
that’s how it starts right there as you
can see it’s a nice clean layout and it
won’t let you do much until you attach
your Facebook account I can see that so
I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do we’re
going to end this video now when you go
ahead and going to go back we’re going
to attach our account we’re going to
make a full demo video on this so she
lead messenger and it’ll be here in the
YouTube channel and also on our website
at true reviewer comm TR you reviewer
calm cool man this is wade over and out



Product Name: SociLead Messenger
Vender: Daniel Adetunji
Launch Date: Jan-20th 2018
Launch Price: $27.00-$47.00 one-time
Niche: Software-Cloud Based
Home Page SociLead Messenger
Bonus Page 1: Giant Bonus #1
Bonus Page 2: Giant Bonus #2
Bonus Page 3: Giant Bonus #3




SociLead Messenger is a cloud-based app using this latest features to out peform
any other chat plugin available for websites and Facebook.

Allow your website visitors to instantly send and receive message inside your website, while
previous Facebook chat plugins only allows to initiate chat by visitors.

This way you don’t have to go back t your website to answer and they don’t need to go to Facebook to respond!

SociLead Messenger is also a lead gathering machine of great proportions.
Not only does it allow replies in private thru Facebook messenger but it Tags the prospect which in turn makes them check and engage on your page.
Checkout some of the features;

1. Auto Comment Reply and Private Reply Feature

You’ll agree with me that we all are busy and do not have time to reply thousands of comments
of our Facebook pages, but it is very important to reply them to maintain our business fame
and client satisfaction!

Also this a very effective way to convert prospects in to clients.

If you do not reply people comments/queries/suggestion they will think you do care
about them and some little replies can make them We’ve gone the extra-mile to add in the ‘’IMAGE, GIF, Video comment reply Feature that
enables you send image/GIF/video in your comment reply to make it more attractive & interactive.

In this age and time, people does not like to read when the text is large but if it is an image/GIF/video
you can convey thousands words within seconds and they will not bored as well 😉

Imagine someone just commented to see a demo video and system is automatically
replying him the video!

2. Hide/Delete Page Comment

Do you know how much customer of yours are being stolen by your competitors?

Your competitor always looking on your page and actively they are sending private message
who commenting on your page. Hide comments after giving reply that nobody can see the comment
and prevent stealing your customers.

This is where SociLead Messenger comes in. Socilead messenger allows you to hide/delete comment
to prevent stealing your customer and delete unwanted comment from Facebook page post.

3. CTA Poster

Call-to-Action, kind of link poster, powerful tool to collect messenger lead and motivate
your Facebook visitor to send you a message!

4. “Message Us” Button Generator

And finally… the BIG ONE!

5. Bulk Message Sending to Your Facebook Messenger Leads

With this, you can:
Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads (Auto Sync Available)
Lead Grouping
Send Bulk Message to Leads
Multi-page Bulk Message Campaign
Multi-group Bulk Message Campaign
Custom Bulk Message Campaign
Full Report of Campaign (Delivery/Unsuccessful)
And so much MORE!!


-Front-End (SociLead Messenger-$27.00-37.00) – Details Here


Recastly has the Front-End and 5OTOs:

-Front-End (SociLead Messenger – $27.00-$37.00 (See Details Here)

-OTO 1 (See Details Here)

-OTO 2 () (See Details Here)

-OTO 3 () (See Details Here)

-OOTO5- (SociLiveStream Pro– $27/Month or $97/year) (See Details Here)

-OTO4 (Socinotifier Agency- (See Details Here)

SociLead Messenger comes with a 30-day money back policy. To put it another way, you will be able to have your money back completely if you have any problem with this offer . I only review products that offer complete refunds so you are NEVER at risk!


Video Transcript
0:00 / 15:00
so she’ll eat mason jar your most
effective facebook lead interactive tool
have you heard our challenges setting up
our customer support chat plugin on your
website or are you worried about paying
several dollars monthly maintaining your
chat plugin that allows you to engage
with the customers on your website then
your problems are solved with social
admission just social aid messenger
allows you to easily set up a chat
function on your website just as you can
see here interacting straight with your
facebook Messenger our system you can
have this support dawn and magnet from
the Susi lead messenger on your social
it dashboard here you can get to see how
you can set up your Facebook customer
chat plugin once you click on it you can
have it and billed as a JavaScript code
or you could download the WordPress
plugin if you’re already running or the
WordPress website once you download it
you have it installed on your website
and you have a free chat plugin that
allows you to interact with your
customers with social aid messenger you
can also set auto reply messages to your
comment you can also set call to actions
and posters here is already set chat
function which you saw on the website
here you’ll notice here you have the
website link credit you have the page
selected you also have the JavaScript
code down you can edit this you can get
the JavaScript code or you can download
your WordPress easy and bad plugin now
you can always get a several chat
plugins which you want to get embedded
created once here you select the page
you are the domain as mentioned here you
select your language of course you have
the option of selecting if you want to
optimize you want to chat a page to
display or not once you finish that
setting up your page you’ll see the
embed code display here so let’s say you
want to point it to another page you
must ensure now you have our SMTP
embedded on the page so you could have
it as let’s have here
all right so it’s early language once if
you can get embed code you see the
JavaScript code here shown of course you
can also heat to download your WordPress
and once you finish setting up that you
can also come down here to see the other
functions you can do it too socially it
Mason just setting up auto reply
campaigns auto reply campaigns to a
specific post using your post act you
can get to see several pages and you can
scroll down to whichever page you want
to set up an auto reply comment to once
you hit on an able reply by post ID this
means that you already have a person ID
with which you want to set an auto reply
to you can set it up here and check for
the existence of such posts and go ahead
to setup the auto reply but we add that
is not there you can now come straight
here to set up auto reply on your recent
post and this will populate your recent
posts for you allowing you to see the
number of posts you can set all to reply
to so you see that on this message we’ve
already said in Abood you can get to see
the auto reply if you hit and edit here
it takes you to the campaign groups now
the campaign notice here that we are
also able to hide or delete comment that
have offensive keywords and them and
what are the offensive keywords we are
looking at for we are looking at for the
word spam we are looking at for the word
fake we are looking at for the word fool
all of these are declared offensive
keywords which if users tend to comment
on a post using this keyword we are
saying let’s such comment be hidden or
let’s such comment be deleted but that
will also follow it private replied may
say like hey can be investigated
properly before dropping nasty comment
so that also our sit up whoever drop
whatever nasty comment that may have
been dropped so if you scroll down here
you also can see our other
functionalities you can enable as well
as this air boo you have to say or do
you want to send reply message is to use
a multiple times of course no do you
want to enable comment reply yes do you
want to like on comment by page now says
do you want to hide comment after
comment reply in Gnome okay you have the
option of setting generic message for
all once you set this general message it
means that
ever that is job that’s the message that
would go here if you want to send a
message creo trading by sentence you can
send this you can also choose to copy
these and also create a generic message
which you can drop here so generic
message sends out you may say straight
to you
you can also invert your image comment
here what about comment you set as an
auto reply you wanted to go with an
image you can set it there if you want a
video to go out with it you can also set
it there so once you hit that you hit an
update if you are creating new you also
see that they create new function saving
your entry now you can scroll back up
here to close up what you’ve done so as
much how to reply you want to send you
can pick your specific post and hit on
set up auto campaign to set up whatever
you want to set up and hit and save to
get saved so that’s how you go about
using your social it Mason job the next
function you also get are to play around
with on your social it Mason job is your
call to action poster alright so next
thing you look at its our messages
brought in the messages Bolton allows
our any user who comes to your website
to easily send message to you now if you
look at this page you can find messages
port in which we’ve created and we added
our own our choice image here is a go
ahead send us a message and once you hit
on this discreetly gets connected with
your facebook Messenger this was
achieved using your are your social it
means in your account so you can now see
continued Joshua your mason jar ID and
once you do that you can get connected
with any user who comes on your website
you can always get them connected with
your messenger list so once that is done
you can also our step chatting up once
you hit a message us boating you can
find the messages button which we’ve
created which resorted to the page which
us seen all right so see here so to do
that you always have to select a page
which you want message which you can
pick from either of the images here or
just like we do
you can choose to drop your image URL
which you want to work with NASA head so
already help the image here which I’ve
already uploaded into my wordpress site
and copying the URL of this image here
bringing it back to my social lead
account I drop the image here once drop
the image all I need to do is just to
click here and it displays the image and
has every other function embedded on it
automatically all I need to do is to
copy this and paste it on the page which
was what I did here if we go back here
let’s go back to the page here you get
to say alright ready on the page here
you get a 3d embed link here this is
where we drop the code this is a code we
drop the result it or as having an app
page or you can message us here so of
course you can have some of these call
to actions placed on your blog post or
placement strategic locations on your
website which would easily connect your
website users to get our own you’re
missing just list which you can always
engage with them the next is your call
to action poster here your call to
action poster allows you to set up any
content with the URL and post it
directly to your Facebook page meaning
that you can just come to YouTube here
let us say we on YouTube here and on
YouTube we want to copy our the YouTube
URL let’s see a copy in this YouTube URL
here now we copy it up we bring it back
here you can stop this we bring it back
to our social lead this is a campaign
that was already created you can visit
it you can also message the page but
let’s see you’re creating a new call to
action post campaign your new call to
action post campaign you can drop either
an image URL a video URL or our website
URL which we are using to post to the
page and once it’s clicked on it it
redirects to the page alright so the
campaign start with giving it a campaign
name so we can just have it here
learn about just have here the lane
about sushi Lee alright so you have to
miss it but if a message we take let
alright so to do that you can now paste
your link here the link here could be a
website link could be an image URL could
also be a video URL so what have you is
a video URL and you see how it crawls
the page and set up our video here as a
content which we are posting and of
course you can select the bottom type of
your button type is message page and are
opposed to page which page you want to
post it to you can select the page you
want to post it to you can scroll down
to the page you want to post it to once
you have it here you hear it and the
page you want to get connected to and
once that is done you can also heat it
to be auto share to order post if you
hit it ought to share you can share to
Timeline you can also select to or to
like this person our other pages you can
enable it you can also create for the
engagement on this pages or to private
reply on users comment you can enable it
and set whatever a private like a friend
hey nice to you check out this one time
alright so you can also set enable there
are comment you’ve set a neighbor
comment you also send your comment which
you want to know everybody you check
this out
all right so we have there you can also
choose to schedule it later or you could
choose to set it now once it hit on some
it post it processes it and post it to
your Facebook page we’re going to hit on
Facebook Peter you get a city content
yourself and city entire interactions
there has been created on it so right
here on the report page you can get to
see your CTA post campaign list and if
you hit on VC it takes you straight to
the Facebook post leads which was
created for you and that’s something
interesting about this post is that you
can see the call to action sent message
so once the hidden send message it
doesn’t private message to your our chat
flow you can see it here and you can
also our permit on it and drop it just
hurt cool and that goes so that’s how
interesting you can walk with your
social lead our call to action poster
here you can also get to see your auto
reply report just as it is also covered
so with that you can all see the auto
our reply report if there are
interactions a need you can also hit on
the post ID to go directly to the auto
reply post that was set on it but before
you get on on all of these you have to
first of all set up a Facebook account
for you to successfully get all of this
done with social lead Messenger to get
your account connected of course you
need to find out what your Facebook
profile numeric ID is for you to know
what your Facebook numeric ID is you
must are of course come back to your
account here always click on your
account name once you click on your
account name you copy your entire
profile URL if you copy your profile URL
now from your sushi lead you have what
we have here as hard to get fit numeric
ID once you hit on open in new tab it
takes you to the new top gear you can
get your account connected now once you
get here you all you need to do is to
get this account down it’s a fine
numeric ID once you find a numeric ID
you copy this numeric ID now notice what
happens here because we have this
particular account connected to this
page and there isn’t one time off we
need to remove this
to have other successful account pointed
to it but this is what happens if you do
that if you send this account and send
up requests it sends an up request to
your Facebook notice here it says up
request has been sent if you come back
to your Facebook here you notice the
notification here is a request to add
you as a tester of social it messenger
from the Facebook developer app has been
sent so once this goes here all you need
to do is either served all your decline
on Scheuer cept once you confirmed it
means that you’ve been are added into
the app you can come back to the app to
say I confirm app request and once you
do that you can say login with Facebook
and once you login with Facebook your
account will be imported and you can
start using social lead messenger so
that’s all about social it amazing there



  • Auto comment reply and private reply Feature
  • Feature that lets you send image/GIF/video in your comment reply
  • Socilead messenger allows you to hide/delete comments
  • Call-to-Action, kind of link poster, powerful tool to collect messenger leads
  • Message Us” Button Generator
  • Bulk Message Sending to Your Facebook Messenger Leads
  • Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads (Auto Sync Available)
  • Multi-page Bulk Message Campaign
  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Deliver messages clearly and accurately
  • Multi-group Bulk Message Campaign
  • Customize your subtitles & language




Tru Reviewer Headline

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…About the Vendor

Dan Adetunji   just developed the  World’s Most Complete FB Messenger Marketing Tool that combines Fb Auto Reply, List Building, Comment & Interactive Technology, for MASSIVE Engagement, Traffic, And Sales!



Important Note: Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product. My goal is to become a trusted source so I will always be 100% Honest in my assessments, Wade.

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