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Pros: Storie is the very first software ever to create unique, exclusively eye-catching Stories for your advertising campaigns. It is rather an earth-shattering software that can easily take your Instagram off the chain. This may be one of the strongest products 2018
Cons: Mario Brown is making my work hard. The Storie software is a unique groundbreaker. You even can work the whole thing from your phone. If I find a glitch or an issue I will report it but so far so good.
Video Transcript


hey welcome to this video you are right
now looking at my iPhone or specifically
you’re looking at the Instagram account
on my iPhone so if I scroll down here
you can see that I’m scrolling through
my Instagram feed which is pretty
CrossFit heavy now more importantly if I
scroll to the top here you can see here
on top this right here is Instagram
stories what I’m scrolling through here
okay when you click on an Instagram
story what happens is it’s gonna open up
and people can either post images or
they can post videos that gonna show up
fullscreen on my phone but the cool
thing is you can now run video ads
specifically to these accounts okay so
what’s gonna happen sooner or later
as I scroll through my feet here is that
an ad is gonna show up from someone and
basically as you can see this is a
sponsored ad it’s just a simple image
okay so it’s not really blowing you away
now let me show you an ad that I created
and how that would look like if you use
our storage software so this right here
is an ad that I created with our
software you can see it’s engaging its
professional and most importantly it
gets you engagement and it gets you
clicks let me show you how I created an
ad like that and let me show you
actually how it looks like and sounds
like with sound okay so I’m gonna open
up the story software right here and now
I’m gonna show you this example but with
sound and it’s gonna blow your way this
is stunning and remember this is
optimized for mobile devices and for
Instagram video ads you can see this is
a beautiful example and it’s animated
and it gets engagement in its get shoot
gets you clicks okay now we have
different niches for you that you can
use this for so for example if you want
to do one with food with business I can
click here on the business one and you
can see it in full screen
and it looks stunning it’s animated it
gets engagement and this is how it shows
up on the iPhone on any Android phone
for example out there okay optimized for
mobile advertising now this one here is
a stunning animation check this out
just absolutely stunning and I created
this each of these videos literally
without exaggeration in just two minutes
well actually let me show you if I go
here to my story software and I click
here on create a new video all I have to
do is I just have to go through the
templates right here so we have you know
over 30 templates we’re ready for you
and if you want to check one out you
just hover over it and now that I hover
over it I can check it out and I can see
if I like the animation right I can
check the other one here now I can see
the animation right here and if you like
it you just click on it and as soon as I
click on it you can see here real time
the animation you can upload three
images for example or you can upload
videos okay that’s up to you and then
you just enter your text right here you
call to action and then you can
customize the colors and you can use our
audio or you can upload your own audio
if you like to that’s all you have to do
three images or three videos the text
you can add your domain your call to
action and then you can add your own
audio or you use ours and then you just
click here on next and boom just like
that within two minutes your brand new
video ad is going to be rendered and
then it’s gonna show up here in my
stories and just like the examples that
I just show you you’re gonna have a
stunning video available just like the
one that I just showed you here okay so
here’s another example that I’m gonna
show you really really quick and these
again are optimized for mobile devices
specifically now the question is why is
this so important why about Instagram
why about insta gram stories and why
about mobile devices well let me tell
you right now Instagram has 700 million
active users that it’s absolutely insane
that you can reach on Instagram with
your video ads okay more importantly
Instagram stories right now has 300
million active users now this right here
says 250 million but that’s an older set
right now
Instagram stories has 300 million active
users that you could also reach in
addition okay here you can see 70% of
businesses are using Instagram in 2017
it’s gonna be even more in 2018 but just
last year over 70% of businesses using
Instagram and then here 25% of Instagram
as a single videos okay and he says it’s
it’s really important that you hook your
audience in the first 30 seconds and
that’s exactly what our software does it
helps you create videos for mobile
devices that hook your audience in the
first 15 to 30 seconds okay now this
right here is gonna blow your way if you
look in the middle here the number of
mobile only facebook users active users
is 1 billion including Instagram okay so
this means people using Facebook and
Instagram just on the mobile devices 1
billion you can’t reach them if you just
advertise to a desktop computer ok
and if you look here percentage of
Facebook users that only login from a
mobile device
56% if you’re running Instagram traffic
or Facebook traffic and you’re not
targeting mobile devices like iPads or
all mobile phones
you’re losing almost 50 percent of your
audience and your leads and your
prospects and sales and traffic’s that
is just insane and here’s the next
statistic people are 5 times more likely
to watch your video on a phone ok so if
you have been doing video ads in the
past you’re gonna have 5 times more the
chance opportunity that someone actually
watches it if they’re on opponent if
your video is optimized for mobile
viewing just like the videos that we
create with our story software hey my
name is Mario Brown and I’m on a mission
to help you grow your business using our
brand-new technology if you like the
idea of higher conversions more traffic
and increasing leads and profits this
will be the most important video you
watch to see a guaranteed here’s the
deal Oliver Goodwin and I created the
world’s first Instagram video creation
and promotion engine we already know how
powerful video and video marketing is we
just saw all the stats the problem is
finding an easy newbie friendly way to
produce professional videos quickly we
created a unique software to produce
professional animated videos in
literally minutes it’s the only software
optimized for mobile video ads in
Instagram video ads allowing you to
reach those 700 million active Instagram
users and billions of Facebook mobile
users and you can do it in just three
simple steps
number one you pick the template you
like number two you customize the text
in the images number three you export it
and either sync it straight into your
Instagram account or you can
download the mp4 file to your computer
and do anything you like with it this is
perfect for online marketers for local
marketers affiliate marketers coaches
small businesses and e-commerce promote
your products your affiliate offers
software local businesses your Shopify
store everything gets more engagement
with video also check out the animated
template examples on this page below
you’ll love them but here’s the kicker
our story software does something no
other software can do for you it runs
you video ads for you and syncs your
stunning animated videos right into your
Instagram account no other software can
do this making story the first video ad
creation and video promotion engine
available here’s the best part it’s
super easy to create these videos story
comes with over 30 animations pre-loaded
for any niche that you can imagine from
real estate to fitness to restaurants it
can be used for any niche you can upload
your own images you can upload even your
own videos you get a 100% freedom with
story you can do it all and we created
it specifically with the newbie in mind
it’s insanely intuitive and easy to use
nobody has extra time or money to wait
for weeks and frustration to get stuck
or pay thousands of dollars to a slow
freelance or company normal video
creation headaches no more expensive and
overpriced free lenses to rely on no
more waiting for weeks to get the videos
delivered with story it’s all done in
three simple steps and we made it crazy
affordable for everyone we developed a
super simple newbie friendly system to
create and run high converting videos
and video ads quickly and here’s the
best part
no technical skills needed it saves time
and money it produces right away
and if you take action during this
launch special and before the timer hits
zero you get in at the lowest price you
will be blown away when you see for how
little you can get started today in just
minutes from now you could be creating
video ads reaching millions of prospects
you could be sending a flood of leads in
traffic to your offers and content
here’s what to do next check out the
demo in the testimonials on this page
then right away take action and secure
your access before the price goes up
fair warning we believe in rewarding
action takers so every day the price
goes up to this launch specialist over
take action now and you’ll be covered
this is a four day long special and once
the four days are over this deal is gone
so time is of the essence of course we
also have a 14 day no questions asked no
hassles rock-solid money-back guarantee
secure your spot kick the tire we take
all the risk that’s how much we believe
in our products and results so take
action now and come on board sign up
right away and I’ll see you inside the
members area




Product Name: Storie
Vender: Mario Brown
Launch Date: Jan-4th 2018
Launch Price: $37.00
Home Page:
Bonus Page: Giant Bonus #1
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Storie Demo


Facebook Introduced Stories ads in 2016 and since then it has become the most powerful form of advertising used by the biggest companies online

More than 80 percent of

social network users access social media on a mobile device.

Instagram has more than 700 million daily users to be exact and it has the clout of its big brother Facebook too.

It’s a brand-friendly and makes it easier to follow brands, like their posts and show approval of their content, which is good for measuring engagement. It’s also allowing an Insights tool, so brands can improve their content strategy.

Stories give brands the chance to get really creative and connect with customers in a fresh, exciting way and can help any brand to create an ongoing dialogue with customers and engage with new demographics. is the first tool in the market that create unique, exclusively eye-catching Stories for your advertising campaigns or for feeding extraordinary story content your Instagram brand.

More than that it allows you to upload the custom generated stories from the web-based app directly to Instagram.

-Front-End (Storie-$37.00) – Details Here


Video Transcript



  • Cloud Based – Log In From Anywhere Online & Produce Animated Videos In Minutes
  • Over 30 Ready-Make Fully Customizable Animated Video Templates
  • Download Each Video Ad Directly To Your Computer & Upload To Instagram
  • Customize Templates – Add Your Image, Add Your Text, Add Your Call To Action
  • 100% Instagram Integrated & Optimized For Mobile Video Ads
  • Each Video Looks STUNNING On Mobile Devices & Is Optimized For Clicks
  • Real Time Preview – Preview Every Template Real Time & Instantly.
  • Upload YOUR Images & YOUR Videos Into Our Software – Works For Any Niche
  • Unlimited Renders & Video Creation, No Limits.




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