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Pros: First of all traffic Xtractor has a solid one year track of working with Testimonials to prove it. Version 2.0 is Cloud-based and uses Google suggest and Bing suggest. Traffic Xtractor works on a very solid principle of finding long-tail keywords that bring targeted traffic with little competition. The app works with both Google search and with YouTube search as well as Bing.
Cons: Sorry folks but I cant see any cons here. The fact that the first version first was released back in Jan 2017 and with hundreds of testimonies is very comforting. These guys are here to stay. No Brainer and 30 day Guarantee so NO Risks!
Video Transcript
hey everybody this is Wade and I want to
do a quick little review on traffic
extractor now traffic extractor I don’t
personally own so this won’t be a
first-hand account but I did some
research on it and I’ve talked to a few
people that have used it extensively and
I can tell you that the original traffic
extractor came out approximately a year
ago around January 2017 and there are
you know hundreds of people giving
positive reviews on the and showing the
results that they’ve had with it so
that’s that’s a good thing right from
the beginning the fact that they’ve been
around for a year and all of a sudden
came up with the new improved version of
it also you know shows that they didn’t
just make the product and disappear it’s
not some fly-by-night thing so the
reason I’m saying this is because you
know it’s a pretty serious sales page
and they’re talking about you know
pretty much you know ranking on top of
Google right here as you can see almost
you know immediately like really quickly
with these videos now the way it’s being
done makes a lot of sense to me so
that’s why you know I I am believing it
if it did make sense I would be thinking
this is some kind of a scam what’s going
on the fact that they’ve been around for
a year also really gives them a lot of
credibility you know in my book but you
can see what’s going on and see you see
this video here that’s that’s basically
that’s a long tail keyword right which
is really a phrase funny thing about
keyword keywords when can be a lot of
words you know can be a little sentence
some a lot of people know that but I
mean it is confusing because keyword
sounds like one word right it’s not a
keyword can be you know could be like a
keyword phrase or what they call a
longtail keyword it’s the official name
for it so this is what we call a long
tail keyword on this video music
equipment rental Algarve eh okay
that’s really easy to rank put it that
way anybody could put a video up and
make it rank with that title because
it’s not you know hard to rank keyword
you can just tell by looking at it so
bottom line is you could do this
manually look up your longtail keywords
and all that and and you know base your
of your videos on that but what’s cool
about this is we’re looking at a lot of
results remember this has been out for
over a year but this is the 2.0 version
and they’ve added some things to it like
I believe now it uses Google Suggest now
and also what else did they add to it
Oh being suggest and you know so if you
added features for sure now they’re also
going to give you you know pretty
serious training that has to do not just
with the software but how to actually
make money you know making this little
um you know videos alright so this is
our sales page I just want you to kind
of get a pretty little peek at it bottom
line is on this they seem to have a lot
of what I would call Authority meaning
you know reality you know in other words
you know they’ve been they stick it out
for a whole year and they have a lot of
people saying they love it so I mean
that’s that’s good now I tell you how it
works it’s pretty interesting what it
does is it’s cloud-based so that’s kind
of cool and it kind of finds you these
long tail keywords that are basically
easy to rank for okay and so which still
they get traffic though and they’re very
very specific traffic traffic that
really wants that so that’s what’s
really cool about those zone that’s
about about that so what what’s going on
is we’re looking at a way of quickly
generating thousands of long term
keywords based on you know whatever your
niche you have or what keywords that you
feed into it so that’s that’s kind of
what we’re looking at now down below in
the description I’m gonna
have a link to this sales page so you
guys can go see it’s also an affiliate
link so if you do buy something or buy
this through my link I you know will
make an affiliate Commission and in turn
you know I am gonna give you guys you
know one hellacious bonus because I want
you to buy through my link and I want
you to be happy and get a bunch of stuff
you know so for right now my generic
bonus I want to show you guys real quick
hopefully I can I can get to it real
quick here that’s that’s the back of my
page right there that’s kind of cool huh
that’s true reviewer man I need you guys
to come the true reviewer man do it
right do it right true reviewer so yeah
here’s my sales page and what I wanted
to show you is to come to true TR you
review or calm and you’ll see these are
the giant bonuses so you’re gonna have a
link in the description to the sales
page that’s an affiliate link you’ll
have a link to my page here at your
review calm and you know so you can see
the giant bonus I’ll probably go ahead
and put a link I’ll put a link to that
too down there in the description so
here’s my giant bonus page number one
you get every one of these things you
can have all 16 of these things and
we’re talking about some really fresh
new software’s and plugins and training
this is all you know just recently been
put out so I’ve got three pages like
that you guys can pick any one of those
pages so you know if just send me your
guess those are here just send your
receipt to wait at true and
that’s it man all right I’m gonna also
have a demo video coming out soon about
this thing so we’ll see what it really
does so alright man that’s it
wait over and out



Product Name: Traffic Xtractor 2.0
Vender: Art Flair
Launch Date: Jan-14th 2018
Launch Price: $27.00-$37.00 per Year
Niche: Software-Cloud Based
Home Page: Traffic Xtractor
Bonus Page 1: Giant Bonus #1
Bonus Page 2: Giant Bonus #2
Bonus Page 3: Giant Bonus #3


traffic xtractor proof


Traffic Xtractor 2.0 is the latest release of Traffic Xtracor. It originally came out in January of 2017. I love the fact that these guys are still around. It is truly refreshing to see these guys keep this updated and running this long. They now come back with tons of testimonials from happy customers that show PROOF! Wow so how can this cloud-based app bring you traffic?

It all makes sense to me now that I see how it actually works. What happens is that Traffic Xtractor finds you thousands of “Long-Tail” keywords that can be easily ranked. Here is some background, you see a “keyword” can actually be a keyword phrase. These keyword phrases are very detailed and targeted, meaning that these people are typing in exactly what they want to search for.

These type of keywords are highly targeted (very specific) yet, they have a very Low-competition factor. Traffic Xtractor gathers these words for you and you then can easily rank your videos and posts for theses keywords

The training that is also included is a deep video course on both how to use Traffic Xtractor and how to actually make money affiliate marketing using this software.

-Front-End (Traffic Xtractor-$27.00-37.00) – Details Here


Traffic Xtractor 2.0 has the Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (Traffic Xtractor 2.0 – $27.00-$37.00 (See Details Here)

-OTO 1 (PRO DFY Pack – $27.00-$37.00 (See Details Here)

-OTO 2 (Reseller’s License – $67.00  (See Details Here)

-OTO 3 ( Software Bundle-X3 – $27.00  (See Details Here)

A plus point of Traffic Xtractor 2.0 is that it is paired with a 30-day money back policy. To put it another way, you will be able to have your money back completely if you have any problem with this collection. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being cheated.


Video Transcript
this is an incredibly powerful video
keyword so that’s gonna allow you to
find zero competition keywords for you
to be able to target within a matter of
seconds if you’re a network marketer
this tools brilliant for you if you’re a
local markets are fantastic if you’re
into affiliate marketing that’s superb –
it doesn’t matter how you want to make
money online we can teach you and give
you strategies and more importantly
we’ve developed this tool to be able to
help you start making money with video
marketing today first of all we can load
in some keywords let’s say that we’ve
got our own sets of keywords that we
want to target I might want to quickly
type into here SEO I can click OK on
this and I can click get competition and
what this tools going to do is it’s
gonna tell me what the competition is
for this given keyword in YouTube
what would obviously be looking for is
low competition so that I can go in
snipe in create a video quickly and take
the number one spot ASAP
very little work very little effort but
I’m not gonna list put in my own list of
keywords I’m gonna show you the amazing
power of this tool by instead clicking
on harvest keywords and what I’m gonna
do in this instance is I’ve just moved
to Spain as the result of the money that
internet marketing has paid me and the
province that I’ve moved to is a place
called Murcia so I’m gonna type Murcia
into here I’m gonna click okay this is
gonna now login to Adwords and it’s
gonna get some suggestions for me based
on my seed keyword which was Murcia once
it finds in its gonna look to say how
many different keyword variations Google
gives is going to download all of them
and import them into this tool now just
while we’re waiting for this Mircea
would obviously be a local keyword so I
might be looking for things like
restaurants in mercy our hotel
in Murcia anything like that they can
bring back for me to give me an idea of
what I can do just while we’re waiting
on that let’s also think what we could
do for network marketing I might have my
network marketing company I might put
the seed keyword in as the company name
and see what it brings up for me
company name reviews company name scam
company name help advice same thing with
affiliate marketing if you wanted to
promote a specific product let’s say you
wanted to promote magic submitter you
could give it the C keyword magic
submitter login to Adwords and it would
pull off all the different variations
magic Samir reviews magic submitter
downloads you can then find all of the
zero competition keywords create video
start making money with it but enough
talking from me what I’m gonna do now is
you’ll see in this tool is give me four
hundred and thirty three different
it’s just downloaded for me from the
Adwords Keyword so and it’s given me the
suggested bid next two days which is
absolutely fantastic I want to see a
good suggested bid in here because if
people are bidding on these keywords it
means that there’s money to be made
within that niche so now that I’ve done
that the next thing I’m going to do is
click get competition this is the best
bit where I’m now going to be able to
say on YouTube exactly how many
competing videos there are for each one
this process does take about four or
five minutes so what I’m going to do
once I click the get competition is I’m
going to pause the video and then
unpause it when it gets near to the end
of completion okay guys so this is
almost finished getting the YouTube
competition for me that took about five
minutes for that process to complete
okay so this is now completed and we can
see here the first key word is Murcia
it’s got forty-seven thousand four
hundred YouTube competition I don’t
really want to be competing with
forty-seven thousand other uploaded
videos what’s the point of going after
something that’s got 47,000 competition
when we can see this one right
I only got six competition it’s actually
got a higher suggested bid and they’ve
got a decent amount of monthly searches
in comparison to the two one of them is
going to be really easy and the other
one is probably going to be quite
difficult what I’m going to do here
though with this Mercia is just double
click on this and it’s coming to analyze
the first five YouTube videos but up
here and we can see these first five
listings all five videos have the
keyword in the title all of them have it
in the description all of them have it
in the tags all of the videos have got
likes they’ve got dislikes and we can
see the number one videos got 855 of the
videos uploaded to that channel very
very difficult for us so in this
instance I’m actually not going to
target that keyword at all what I’m
going to do is click YouTube competition
and have a look to see what different
videos there are where there’s zero
competition for us to compete against
and we can see there’s lots of them
flights to Murcia Murcia flights flights
Murcia cheap flights Murcia mercy
Airport departures flights from Murcia
look just how many of them there are
that I’ve got zero competition in
YouTube I’ve just pulled off lots and
lots and lots of keywords for us to
target so many in fact we’re talking
maybe a hundred different keywords this
is absolutely brilliant for us to be
looking at now I’m just going to scroll
through here real quick and just take a
quick look see if there’s anything here
that I’m really interested in let’s just
take a look at this we’ve got one here
things to do in Murcia 590 searches a
month YouTube competition currently one
I’m actually going to target this
keyword and the reason for doing so is I
am an internet marketer and since moving
to Murcia I’ve created my own website
which is called merci a 24/7 comm I want
to drive traffic to that website then I
can sell advertising space on it to
people in the Murcia area so 590 people
a month searching for things to
de murcia if they can visit my website
and see lots of offers on there that
really helps me so what I’m going to do
now guys is I’m just going to pause the
video I’m gonna create a video based on
things to do in Murcia I’m going to
upload it to YouTube you’ll see that
there’s only one competition so I should
be able to get this to rank really high
in YouTube really high in Google videos
and pretty decent in Google without me
doing any SEO whatsoever apart from
creating the video and uploading it so
I’m just gonna pause the video whilst I
do that and then don’t forget in our
training suite in the members area
you’re going to be able to see exactly
how I create the video exactly how I
upload it exactly what steps I take to
make sure that is ranked really highly
but for now I’m just going to pause the
video and show you the results once
that’s done
I’ve just finished creating an upload in
the video and I had to wait a few
minutes for YouTube to pick that up but
what I’m going to do now is just show
you how incredibly powerful this is
things to do in Murcia if we take a look
at this we’ll see I uploaded the video
20 minutes ago and it’s already number
one on YouTube after just 20 minutes is
taken the number one spot 590 searches a
month let’s not forget that Google has
got its own video search which is forward slash video HP let’s
type things to do in murcia in here and
you’ll also see uploaded 22 minutes ago
my video takes the number one spot in
Google Videos now just having it in
YouTube and Google videos is amazing
because imagine if you was to upload
this video and you was them in local
marketing and you want it’s trying to
attract a new client you could go to any
client and say hey guess what I’ve got
this video uploaded after just 22
minutes that’s a foot in the door
strategy for you straight away but now
let’s quickly take a look at the Google
organic results and see what’s happening
bearing in mind I’ve done nothing so far
but upload this video let’s take a look
to see where we rank in we’re on page 4
of Google organics after just now 22
minions for something that gets 590
searches a month we’ve also got the
number one spot in YouTube and we’ve got
the number one spot in Google so just
remember guys in the trainings way I’m
gonna show you what we can do to get
this video to rank number one
organically in Google as well as well as
how I created this video and we can see
here this video is actually to drive
traffic to my website mostly it’s 24/7
calm guys I hope you’re as excited as I
am I’ve got over a hundred videos
uploaded between multiple different
channels and the making between three
and five thousand dollars a month from
clickbank using this really simple easy
straightforward strategy and that’s only
in affiliate money that doesn’t take
into account what I’m charging my local
clients for getting their videos ranked
consultancy fees that I’m taking for
taking clients existing videos finding
zero competition keywords making a few
changes and getting their videos to rank
just as quickly as this picking up SEO
clients as a result get in now before
the price increases click buy now and I
look forward to seeing you on the inside
thank you



  • Cloud-Based traffic-driving software
  • Searches for Keywords that are Ready to Rank
  • New 2.0Version
  • Google traffic-driver
  •  YouTube traffic -driver
  • Finds Ready to Rank Long-Tail Keyword phrases
  • Traffic Xtractor 2.0 now includes  Google Suggested Words
  • Google Related Keywords
  • Bing Suggested Keywords
  • Bing Related Keywords
  • Quickly Finds Low-Competition Keywords
  • Comes with Video Training Course




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Pick Giant Bonus Page 1,2 or 3 and JUST SEND YOUR RECIEPT to, Thanks Wade



…About the Vendor

Art Flair

Art Flair has a very successful history of developing winners like. Traffic Trapper and Incomley. Art is very trusted and respected in the internet marketing realm. He lends a ton of trusted authority to all his projects. No doubt that Traffic Xtractor2.o will be another quality offing.



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