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Pros: Up tp 378% speed increase in many cases. The ability to reduce your image files up to 75% without quality loss. WP Optimiser can fix bulky css files, themes and plugins as well. The ability to use "lazy Load feature"so images load as user scrolls. This plugin even optimizes your data bases to help make your website up to &70 lighter THE DEAL IS 75% off for the Launch Offer. Goes up $10 per day until FEB 17th
Cons: If you don't buy it on Launch day you pay more but still get a discount. WP Optimiser goes up $10 per day and tops off at $97. It starts at $37.
Video Transcript
hey everybody its Wade from true
reviewer and today I want to review a
product that’s gonna come out on
February 10th so this is kind of like a
pre-launch pre review of some sort right
but anyways it’s called WP optimiser and
what it does is it speeds up your
website and this is part of the sales
page or the proposed sales page for the
product and they make some very
important points right here so I’ll go
ahead and read along with me
speed is a killer more than 50% of
visitors leave if a site takes three
seconds or more to load and 75% of
visitors who have trouble loading a page
won’t return that’s pretty big
ok we just go right to the big headline
here 52% of visitors use mobile devices
and then numbers probably growing every
day you waste half your traffic if your
page is slow bad assumption it loads
okay for me it will load or it will work
for others that’s true I have a pretty
big phone and my stuff loads quick and
I’m like friends it doesn’t not ask like
so that’s a good point right you can
easily reduce most images by 50 to 70
percent but optimizing graphics sucks so
if you’re doing one point one okay so
here’s the deal this plug-in amongst
other things other than optimizing your
database your CSS files your plugins and
your theme it will take you the images
and it can reduce up to 75% of the size
of them but you can see the comparison
here there’s no loss in resolution so
that’s the deal that’s one of the cool
things that it does works on your
databases to improve speed if you have
poor hosting it can help correct that –
which is pretty cool so gonna go ahead
and leave you guys a link on the bottom
of this video so you can you know review
the sales page even more and I want to
let you know that I’m gonna have a
really badass bonus for this
part of it is going to be four or five
products including WP and amatetio
which is pretty cool I’ll put a link
down in the description and also you can
pick anything you want from true
reviewer com I’ll show you real quickly
here this is true viewer comm we’ve been
pumping up on the page recently and we
added the affiliate Resource Center
right here you can pick actually pick
four of any of these products from the
resource center come over here to
products and you’ll see more Sall
affiliate related salt things that you
know should be helpful for affiliates so
you can go through there and see if you
see something you like you pick four of
these things too if you want as your
bonus also don’t forget we also have our
giant bonus pages that are available for
you know for anybody that purchases
right so if you get something through
our link you can come here to giant
bonus one two or three and you’ll be
able to get you know everything in there
so you can pick four things from the
store from the affiliate store and you
can have any one of these three giant
bonuses and this one has 16 pretty
relatively new products in it so there
you go all right man that’s it now if
you want to see more about the bonuses
or an actual demo on the product just go
ahead and stay in this playlist because
our new formula is that we’re putting in
three videos for each product that would
be you know a overview like this and
then we’re going to go ahead and have a
demo video and a bonus videos and
they’ll all be in a playlist together so
there’s just let it roll man or click on
the link below now the last thing I want
to let you know it’s 75% off until the
17th of February and then it’s going to
go up to like I believe 97 bucks so if
you want to get in on it this is the
time you can also farm
out the work and help people with their
sights – and he covers that a little bit
in in the training so all right man
that’s it
Wade over and out!



Product Name: WP Optimiser
Vender: Chris Hitman
Launch Date: Feb-10th 2018
Launch Price: $27.00-$47.00 one-time
Niche: WP Plugin
Home Page: WP Optimiser
Bonus Page 1: Giant Bonus #1
Bonus Page 2: Giant Bonus #2
Bonus Page 3: Giant Bonus #3




WP Optimiser is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that give you advice on how to fix your site speed issues – more importantly we cover all 6 Primary site optimization factors! WP Optimiser even makes your image file up to 75% s with NO loss of quality.

Poor page speed is the #1 reason why most marketers get poor results! You can lose ranking if your website is loading to slow. This will in turn cause you to lose out on opt-ins. The higher bounce rate will become a bad ranking factor for you website. Google then charges MORE for your ads and with Lower conversion rates it is a one two punch. You can see how this can mushroom into a big combination of factors that will cripple your results.

WP Optimiser takes care of all your bloated graphics by reducing the file size up to 75%. This will really be a difference for you mobile load times , increasing your rankings. WP Optimiser also takes care of “heavy themes” and plugins. Hosting and server related slow downs are also addressed.

REMEMBER: Over 50% of your website visitors will leave if your page takes over 3 seconds to load!

.-Front-End (WP Optimizer-$37.00-67.00) – Details Here

*NOTE:Goes UP $10 Per Day until FEB 17th then $97



  • Diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time
  • Diagnoses server configuration issues in real time
  • Tests theme load speed in real time
  • Flawlessly auto optimizes site graphics
  • Does advanced junk cleanup
  • Allows users to enable lazy load on any page they wish
  • Boost Your Site Rankings
  • Reduce Ad Spend
  • Make More Profit
  • Fixes and Diagnosis  in a few clickswp_optimizer



Video Transcript
I’ll show you a case study of how my
website or websites have really really
had their speed increased by WP
optimizer so what is WP optimiser it’s a
wordpress plugin that helps speed up
your WordPress website it’s as simple as
now the reason that we need to be
worried about this is that in July this
year Google is going to penalize
slow-ass websites simple as that okay so
you need to get speeding up your
websites this is a great opportunity if
you are an agency to sell this as a
service to clients hey I am gonna speed
up your website okay
so this is a an image of a website I’ve
just done a Pingdom what you call it big
numbers pink Adam speed test for my
website and it is looking pretty slow so
I am going to go into the backend and I
am going to add in the plug-in and then
I’m gonna go in and tweak it okay I’m
gonna pause the video while I do that
because you don’t need to see me
installing a plug-in so I’ll be back in
a second okay guys so I’m back right
I’ve got loads of images that need to be
optimized so I am gonna ignore that step
so I’ve installed the plug-in okay I’m
going to go to optimize database
so I’m going to click on yeah
completed I’m gonna do this one
so that’s the only one I’m gonna do okay
so if it doesn’t it doesn’t speed up
that much then you know we know why okay
it’s because I’ve got all these images
and it’s gonna take a long time to do
that so just bear with me okay guys so
I’ve come over to Pingdom I want to use
Stockholm because I think that’s what we
used before
yet Stockholm and it’s the closest one
that Pingdom has and let’s go to website
make sure it’s spelt right click on
start test that’s gonna be a queue okay
so I’m gonna pause this whilst the queue
counts down you don’t need to sit there
doing that watching that okay we’re back
we’re back with a faster website how
bloody awesome is that guys it was three
point seven one seconds and now it’s one
point seven seven seconds still some
issues but you know that’s other things
to look at but this is amazingly
amazingly sped up okay really really
good stuff okay so I’m loving thinking
this plug-in is really really awesome
and they also have some upsells and I
highly recommend them they are the Viper
cache WP conversion booster which we all
need to have a conversion boost right
and then WP easy pages so just look at
this think of this and know that you
need to be doing something like this you
can sell this service to your clients
you can go and speed up all of your
affiliate sites right now and not have
to worry about it coming July 2018 which
everybody else will okay hit it first
get some nice easy money in before July
18 2018 all right guys all the best
links down in the description as always
and there might be one floating around
the top of the YouTube video cheers for
bye bye


WP Optimiser  has the Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (Launch Price – $37.00-$67.00 (See Details Here)

-OTO 1 (Viper Cache – $27/Month or $97/Year) (See Details Here)

-OTO 2 (WP Easy Pages – $197 One Time) (See Details Here)

-OTO 3 (WP Conversion Boast – $27/Month or $97/year) (See Details Here)

WP Optimiser comes with a 30-day money back policy. To put it another way, you will be able to have your money back completely if you have any problem with this offer . I only review products that offer complete refunds so you are NEVER at risk!




Tru Reviewer Headline

Pick Giant Bonus Page 1,2 or 3 and JUST SEND YOUR RECEIPT to wade@trureviewer.com, Thanks Wade



…About the Vendor

Chris Hitman is a well know marketer, his  background is Sales & IT and he spends a lot of time development of software & user interfaces as well as security solutions. He is partnered with John Merrick and Davis Cassar.




Important Note: Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product. My goal is to become a trusted source so I will always be 100% Honest in my assessments, Wade.

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