SecureDash Review

Welcome to this SecureDash review, SecureDash is the World’s 1st 3-Click security dashboard that works on all type of sites. The software works around the clock to prevent spyware, hackers, viruses, trojans and more. The system even alerts you if you have a security issue.

SecureDash Review
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SecureDash Review

In this SecureDash review I will be digging deeply into this software to find out if it works, how it works and whether it is a good useful tool for  website security. Now-a-days hackers are running rampant and WordPress exploits are newly discovered that can make any website owner nervous.

SecureDash offer the ability to unleash automated 2h hour, 7 day a week protection for your website in only 3-clicks. You even get real time alerts and notifications if there is any type of security breach. The ability to constantly monitor your website on auto-pilot is very comforting indeed.

The list of security features is impressive. SecureDash can stop DDOS attacks, MySOL injection scripts, stops brute force password hacking, prevents foreign pings and even closes down any .htaccess vulnerabilities.

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Finally a way to secure your website from attacks, bots, viruses and hackers. SecureDash  is a complete security tool suite and platform . An easy 3-step process makes the set up painless and easy for anyone. Alerts and notification are sent as needed. SecureDash keeps you safe 24/7.

SecureDash Review

ecureDash Review1  ) Super Fast and Easy Set-up

Simply copy & Paste Couple of lines of code on your site. This code can be put on either header or footer.

The code does not trigger any slowing of your site since code is less than 0.01 kb & We utilize AWS load balancer

2) SecureDash Works with All Types of Websites

The first thing that I was thinking about when laying out the research for this SecureDash review was the question of which exact website types would this work with? Was it only for WordPress and what about my Shopify store?

The good news is that SecureDash works with just about everything including, HTML, PHP, WordPress, Clickfunnels, Optimisepress, xFunnels, Shopify, All CMS & most others.

3) Round the Clock Protection and Alerts

Merely choose what you wish to keep an eye on & how you want to be alerted if a hacker attacks your site. It protects your website from 10 Site Hazards!

SecureDash Review

SecureDash Review

4) 1 Click Instant Protection

You will get alerted instantly through e-mail if any problems appear. Merely respond with a 1-click to stop the attack!

Visit 24/7 to see flagged activity, restriction IPs & reveal them a message or reroute them, and more.

5) Access  the 10 in 1 Security Tool Suite

You’ll right away  gain access to the 10-in-1 tool for finding, notifying & fighting hackers, botnets, spyware, viruses & more

Tools include;

1 DDoS Monitoring : to help fight bots from attacking

2 MySQL Injection Blocker: stops PHP injection scripts

3 Brute Force Stop: stops password hacks and penetrations

4 .htaccess Closing Script: sets all file permissions correctly

5 Foreign Ping Prevention: stops malicious attacks from overseas

6 Crawlbot: stops bots from crawling your site

7 AutoFileMod: Scans your entire server looking for vulnerabilities

8 Malware Scanner: does complete security scan of your site

9 Virus Rack: detects and contains viruses

10 Watering hole Attack Blocker: stops those sneaky watering hole attacks

securedash review

securedash review

6) Easy to Use Control Panel

While working on this SecureDash review, I realized just how important an easy to use and handsome user interface is to the over all comfort level of the end user. When design and functionality are properly intertwined, one experiences less fatigue plus increased work production.

SecureDash is easy to set up. It works around the clock to protect your website. It comes with a powerful 10 in 1 tool suite and alerts you when needed.

Watch The SecureDash Demo Video Below

SecureDash Review

SecureDash Review

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SecureDash review

SecureDash review

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