Smart Funnelz Review

Welcome to this Smart Funnelz review, the cloud  based funnel builder with a twist. I will be digging into the elements that set Smart Funnelz apart from other recent funnel builder releases.

Smart Funnelz Review
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In this Smart Funnelz review, I will be assessing the cloud based funnel building software with two very distinct elements that help make it an easy task to collect leads, sales and commissions. By incorporating the most viral aspect of social media campaigns, Smart Funnelz is built to get results faster and more importantly in mass viral quantities.

The elements that I am referring to are very interactive quizzes and polls
that are viral in nature. Many quizzes have gotten over a million shares on social media. Smart Funnelz  are specially designed to tickle the fancy of both you and your users.

The second element that sets Smart Funnelz apart is called “Money Pages”. Money pages allow you to sell products and services, do give-a ways, offer discounts or coupons and can even generate Ad-sense income from adverts. Below is a video that will help sort out exactly what Smart Funnelz does and how.

Watch the Smart Funnelz Review Video Below

Smart Funnelz looks to be pretty innovative with a lot of focus on it’s viral reaching potential. The “Money pages ” builder has a simple drag and drop editor that can be used by anyone as it has a very intuitive design.

smart funnelz review

smart funnelz review1) Cloud Based Solution

Smart Funnelz is a cloud based platform. That means that you don’t have to worry about any software installation. Another great benefit is that you can access this platform from any device.

2) Gather Traffic from Multiple Social Media Platforms

Get instant enormous engagement on Facebook and other social websites with tested polls, surveys and quizzes that get you clicks, leads and sales. The viral aspect of these polls and quizzes are proven to be off the chain. Some have over a million shares.

3) Build Automated Profit Funnels

Turn the social media users into paying customers by first engaging them with the poll or quiz. The money page can be placed anywhere with in the quiz and then you can start to do many things like, gather leads, give out coupons or even go for a sale!

4) Drop and Drag Money Page Builder

Develop exactly what we call “The Money Page’ to produce instantaneous revenue once a prospect has actually entered your funnel. The state of the art drop and drag builder make creating the money pages a snap.

smart Funnelz review

smart Funnelz review

5) Easily Customize Your Funnels and Pages

In this Smart Funnelz review it seems that the pages and funnels are pretty easy edit. You get templates for different quizzes and polls plus themes, colors, images   are easily changed and edited.

6) Tons of Templates

There are many types of templates and themes that make customizing your funnels a breeze. Quiz templates, poll templates and “money page” templates are all professionally designed ans will give you unique highly converting funnels.

7) Option to Embed on Your Site or Let Smart Funnelz Host Everything

You have the choice to host the finished funnels by yourself on your server or conserve time and leave them our on totally protected server. The bottom line is that you get free lifetime hosting for all you funnels and money pages.

8) Automatically Send Leads to Your Autoresponder

With our professional API setup you can send your new leads to any autoresponder of your choosing.You can easily gather your leads and then send them to a download or a coupon, an offer, the sky is the limit.

Smart funnel Review

Smart funnel Review

9) 1 Click Traffic Machine

Utilize the inbuilt 1-click social sharing feature to get enormous traffic from a few of the world most significant social websites. Make you Social Media properties jump with engagement and grow grow grow!

10) Smart Funnelz Traffic Training

Smart Funnelz comes with a range of traffic training which helps you obtain traffic, began driving traffic and increase sales through a range of FREE traffic sources and PAID traffic sources as well.

Watch the Smart Funnelz Review Video Below

smart funnelz review

smart funnelz review

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Smart Funnelz review

Smart Funnelz review

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