SociJam Review

Welcome to my SociJam review, I will be zooming in on all the details of SociJam, the cloud based viral social post creator platform.

SociJam Review
  • Product Quality
  • Marketing Value
  • Concept
  • Training Value

In this SociJam Review I will show you the software that helps make the secret hack that Cindy has discovered for Facebook posts. It only takes two minutes to create a profit pulling post with SociJam. It is a quick and easy system that includes the special training along with the cloud based software that puts it all together. The developer Cindy Donovan is one of the most trusted and successful marketers in the internet marketing industry.

The training is key to this system and will be a major part of what is being offered here. With Cindy we already know that the training will be top notch. The members area has everything that you need to learn about Facebook, this system and the software. Emoji interaction and a specially developed editor to make your campaigns stick out of the crowd and that is a big part of the hack. The software is the icing on the cake that will make your next post oh so sweet.

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To be clear what we are looking at here is a two part offering . First is a cutting edge cloud based posting software for Facebook that adds elements to your posts to help them go viral. The second is the special training where Cindy Donovan reveals her  special Facebook hack.

socijam review

socijam review

1) Super Quick and Easy to Use

You don’t need ANY technical skills. If you can copy &paste, you have all the skills you need to make beautiful viral campaigns right from yor dashboard

2) Powerful Engagement that Boost Your Post Reach

The rise of activity and quickly social evidence motivates others to take action and to having more advertisements and posts go viral without any additional work. Put some viral fire into your next post with SociJam.

3) Emojis are Integrated in the Dashboard

Emojis are utilized to reveal feelings. Integrating that with a vibrant text or highlight truly interacts your message. Make you posts really stand out in only a few clicks.

4) Extremely Easy to Use and Quick Yet Very Effective

With more engagement, you quickly get more from each visitor without the effort and additional expenditure. By utilizing the viral aspect of Facebook SociJam gets you very best results for your campaigns.

5) Universal Browser Friendly Coding

The SociJam system has been specifically coded to be able to work flawlessly with all major internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer just to name a few. Your specially formulated posts will be displayed beautifully and be just as engaging across the board.

socijam review

socijam review

6) All the Factors are Provided to Go Viral

The more individuals connect on your post, the more it is shown with greater frequency to everybody else’s wall without costing you a penny. The viral elements that are designed into SociJam will help increase user engagement making Facebook’s algorithm give you way more reach per post.

7) SociJam and E commerce Go Hand in Hand

With the primary traffic jam (engagement!) out of the method, you will be able to build extremely successful projects for your eCommerce products at an astonishing speed.

Simply follow our easy SociJam system and begin enjoying more sales without investing any extra money

8) Build High ROI Campaigns Right from Your Dashboard

If you choose to utilize it for Facebook paid advertising, you’ll understand that Facebook is the goldmine of extremely targeted traffic. For your ads to be profitable, your creatives must be super engaging for low advertisement costs. With SociJam, you have 6+ functions available to make your ads impossible to scroll past!

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socijam review

socijam review

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SociJam review

SociJam review

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…About the Vendor

Cindy Donovan

The uncrowned Queen of Internet Marketing, this lovely lady has well over 100 highly successful product launches. She is a marketing legend and has help thousands of people make money online. Cover Commissions is Cindy’s flagship product and it is well worth a look,  see it here.



Important Note: Important Note: Sh You may be wondering why all my reviews have 4 stars and up? It does seem suspicious but let me be clear that I do not bother reviewing any questionable launches in other words, I refuse to waste time reviewing junk. I only review  with top notch products from trusted developers. So there are no 3 star launches here,  Wade

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