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Welcome to this Speaq Review, in this review I will check out all the features of  Speaq the platform that helps you create videos easier, faster & highly Profitable From Conversations By Sharing ONE Link!

Speaq Review
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We’re thrilled to let you know we have something fresh to give the market!

Up until now, most video platforms have actually had pre-made video design templates. Your customers required to intricately fill in multiple text fields, price points, CTAs, upload images, possibly modify colors and include a background track.

They ‘d then cross fingers, and wish for the best that nothing overlapped and the video actually appeared like the design template when they downloaded it.

This would often wind up in a severely orchestrated video for their service, or their customers.

Well, what if you could produce a smooth video by having a basic conversation? Without the hassle of trying to blindly match fields to a template?

Speaq is the world’s first AI bot for intuitively producing incredible marketing videos for all social platforms in ALL formats.

Interact with Speaq, answer his questions and have an incredible video provided to you by the end of the conversation!

Watch the Speaq Review Video Below

speaq review (4)

speaq review (4)

1 ) Speaq A.I. Platform Creates Videos from Conversation

First and ONLY platform that not only BUILDS videos from basic conversations.Speaq even deals with ALL mobile devices.Have custom marketing videos developed FOR you merely by chatting with the built-in A.I. bot … NO tech skills or experience required!

2 ) Speaq Easily Creates Videos from Any Website or URL.

Turn ANY website link into a video in seconds – convert ANY web link into a top-converting video just by pasting the URL into the Speaq and watch it create an awesome video from all the content.

3 ) Comes with Full Agency Rights

You get FULL Agency rights to hand your special Speaq link to ANYONE! Speaq will deal with the rest. Automated video creation, shipment, and even get payments … Whatever.

4 ) Video Creation Made Easy

Speaq takes whatever that WAS hard about creating videos and turns it on its head.

Speaq guides you from start to finish with basic questions.

Based upon your answers, by the end of the conversation he’ll provide a completely done-for-you (and market-ready) video!

speaq review (2)

speaq review (2)

5 ) Speaq Offers Effortless Video Creation by A.I.

Speaq provides you complete control.

He’ll guide you through a basic discussion where you can tailor EVERYTHING.

Or just let Speaq make the decisions for you based upon your specific niche & subject.

Either way, you have overall control over your videos – and can make unrestricted modifications till you’re delighted with the results.

6 ) Speaq Review Surprise – 60+ Highly Converting Video Designs

Speaq isn’t simply an AI machine that makes videos …

He comes with the highest-calibre of proven-to-convert video designs for you to develop breath-taking videos with. Yep there are 60+ Done for You Video Designs built right into your dashboard.

7 ) Speaq Creates Social Media Friendly Videos

Download HD quality videos as vertical or square the HIGHEST transforming formats.

Exploit traffic from ANY social platform, while getting supreme exposure to your sites, blog sites and other online properties.

8 ) Speaq Comes with Over 10,000 Royalty Free Images Library

Speaq offers you unlimited access to a library of 10s of thousands of royalty-free images …

Yours to use for NO BONUS CHARGE in any video you produce.

Use the consisted of image library OR upload your own in ANY combination for truly distinct marketing videos that set you apart from the competitors!

speaq review (3)

speaq review (3)

9 ) Automated Video Creation with Payment Integrated Collections System

Share your special link and then your prospect can make a custom video based on a guided chat! The platform makes the video and collects the payment for you! All you have to do is share the link.

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speaq review

speaq review

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Speaq Review

Speaq Review

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