The Speedy Content Club Review

Welcome to The Speedy Content Club review, I will cover all the features and benefits of Speedy Content Club, the 100% done for you profit pulling review video and ranking system

The Speedy Content Club Review
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Hey everyone, Wade here and I know that you are going to love this Speedy Content Club review as I am going into the members area and get my feet wet. The Speedy Content Club  is the new done for you review video affiliate marketing system from Clive McGonigal the OG  (original gangster) of  YouTube marketing wizardry. The Speedy Content Club is a complete membership with 10 done for you highly converting affiliate review videos but that is not all, Clive included his expert keyword research analysis for each campaign.

The video campaigns are custom made for 10 top evergreen products from Clickbank. They sell very well and have very impressive stats.

I am looking forward to showing you how to use the Speedy Content Club to make some cake! I have review access and I will be creating an actual campaign that will use Clive’s expert research, DFY videos and ranking system.I can’t wait to wet my whistle and to get Clive’s system up and running. Look near the bottom of this post for a demo video. Below is a video that will serve as my Speedy Content Club Review and will also show you how to take Clive’s offer to a new level with my new video based 52+ Mega Bonus Pack.

Watch the Speedy Content Club Review Video

The Speedy Content Club consists of 10 completly DFY  affiliate marketing campaigns for 10 top earning evergreen Clickbank products. The videos are top notch and have professionally written scripts based on the A.I.D.A format: Attention-Interest-Desire(Decision)-Action. You also get a high value membership with, training, mind-maps, video intros,action images and resources just to name a few.

  1) Clive’s  Top Ten High Converting Clickbank Picks

Clive uses his expertise to pick ten products that sell hundreds of times,over and over,each and everyday. Right off the bat, you are starting off with winners to promote and that is half the battle.

Speedy content club review

Speedy content club review

  2) 10 Very High Quality Done For You Videos

These are produced with  multiple video creation products and tools that Clive has at my disposal and incorporates Creative Commons, Royalty Free imagery and purchased ‘full license’ Video Clips.

  3) 10o+ Subtitle Files in 100 Different Languages

Each video comes with 100 subtitle files in 100 different languages. Learn exactly how to upload them into your YouTube creator studio and gain some massive international SEO benefits.

  4) Highest Quality Professionally Written Script for Each Video

Each video comes with a professionally written script based on the A.I.D.A. format (Attention-Interest-Decision-Action. There is no B.S. copy here, these videos employ the power of persuasion in a subtle yet effective fashion.

  5) Done for You Niche Research

You don’t have to worry about finding a profitable niche as that is all done for you. Having the confidence that you are working on the right product is very reassuring  a you know that you are not wasting your time and efforts.

6) Done for You Keyword Research

The keyword research done for each product is really good. He uses Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends for ‘seed’ search terms and uses them in Almighty Keyword Hog & Power Suggest Pro. He takes those 3/4 generic ‘seed’ terms for the product that people would type into search, the search terms that the particular product would provide a possible solution for, and then runs them through the software.

speedy content club review

speedy content club review

7) Competition Research and Analysis

Complete spy type analysis is done on the top 20 competing videos for the given search term. De construct the competition’s tags, descriptions and links.

8) Done for You Media

Media library with CTA action images, video backgrounds, intros, music and audio. Including a large image and video background bonus.

9) CB Engine Stats on Demand for Each Product

A Super handy button that links to all the product sales stats from CB Engine is provided for each of the ten products

10) Training Filled Membership Area

It is nice surprise when you realize that you were actually given a membership and find yourself engulfed in Clive’s expert video marketing lessons, resources and content.

11)  Three Mind Melting Video Marketing Mind Maps

You can seriously spend half a day inside Clive’s Video SEO Mind Map. It all links together. Pop ups, resources, images and even videos are found inside the deep rabbit holes of Clive’s mind.

#Note: They call Clive “The Pajama Marketer”, because he has made more money in his pajamas then most men have made wearing 3 piece suits on Wall street!

Speedy content club review

Speedy content club review

Watch the Speedy Content Club Review Below

You can start ranking these videos for those high converting long tail keyword phrases right away. I hope was able to help you take all the barriers and fears away with my in depth Speedy Content Club review. It really is all there and then some. I will be giving this a Full 5 star rating.

Speedy Content Club Review

Speedy Content Club Review

When you buy The Speedy Content Club through my link you will be getting a specially created 52+ super video bonus pack to take this to a new level. I have included many cloud based marketing apps with reseller rights. I also included exclusive training and software with Re Seller rights for a total of 52 Bonuses available here.
Speedy Content Club Review

Speedy Content Club Review

The Above button takes you to my bonus page and the sales page. The developer has given everyone 5 bonuses for this and those are the ones that everyone gets. I HAVE ADDED 58 killer bonuses for a total of 52 including 7 apps with resale rights!

…About the Vendor

Clive McGonigal  has been marketing for a long time. He founded the IM Power Club and Buzz Projects years ago and has developed a large following of students and marketing friends and associates. Clive has launched many successful courses and software in the YouTube marketing niche and is considered to be the original YouTube Master “Guru”.


Important Note: Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product. My goal is to become a trusted source so I will always be 100% Honest in my assessments, Wade.