StoryPal Review

Smart GOOGLE Technology Makes It Easy To Develop Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook-Like ‘Web Stories’ That Are Searchable, Shareable, And Embedable Totally Free Viral Traffic And Huge Engagement

StoryPal Review
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In this StoryPal Review we will look at a brand new software to create
AMP Stories, Instagram and Snapchat Stories As we understand, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat stories vanish after 24 hours and to retain these stories a user requires to repost them or conserve them to his or her profile.

In contrast to that, AMP stories do not vanish in 24 hr, in fact, the user has control over the durability of the stories.

AMP Stories Are Searchable and Shareable: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories are not searchable on the internet and can be shared on their respective and sister sites just, while AMP stories are searchable and shareable across the web.

Huge SEO Opportunity– One unique thing I am thrilled about is the SEO chance for 2020 and beyond for users of StoryPal. Google now have a devoted carousel of Visual Stories in its search engine result– a space in Google SERPs. This is definitely a significant change for SEO. Making this content format a sure-fire way to boost traffic and rank higher in 2020 and beyond.

Watch the StoryPal Review Video Below

StoryPal Review (4)

StoryPal Review (4)

What Exactly Does StoryPal Do?

StoryPal takes whatever that’s terrific about AMP stories and makes them better, more engaging, and simpler to create with a few clicks of your mouse.

AMP Stories supplies material publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and info as visually abundant, tap-through stories.

In the last number of years, “Stories” has actually ended up being extremely popular on Snapchat and Instagram, a lot so that Facebook stated it’ll focus more on Stories than the news feed. Even as Stories increased in popularity to become the most desired format, it had stayed locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. Now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to AMP Stories, an initiative by Google. Now even you can release Instagram-like Stories on your own site– Powered By StoryPal!

Web stories score high on web efficiency as well as user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic material format that’s set to rule the web.

StoryPal Review (2)

StoryPal Review (2)

1) StoryPal Makes Amp Stories Better

StoryPal takes whatever that’s fantastic about AMP stories and makes them much better, more engaging, and simpler to create with a few clicks of your mouse

2 ) StoryPal Create Search Friendly Stores That Rank

Due to the fact that AMP stories are an initiative of Google, all the stories you develop with StoryPal are search engine friendly, which indicates you can easily get FREE traffic because your stories will rank quickly in the online search engine.

3 ) Connect Your Domain to Your Story

StoryPal users can connect their custom websites, blogs or subdomains and create custom stories with their own domain. They can also add their custom favicon. All stories are hosted and secured for Free

4 ) Stories Have No Time Limit

Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat stories that disappear in 24 hr, the stories you produce with StoryPal STICK and remain live as long as you desire them to so you get more shares, more totally free traffic

StoryPal Review (3)

StoryPal Review (3)

5 ) Embed Your Stories Anywhere

The stories you create are designed to get you results, so they can be ingrained or shared across sites and apps all over the web.

6 ) 100% Newbie Friendly

No technical abilities or design experience is needed since developing web stories with StoryPal is as simple as a click of your mouse.

7 ) StoryPal Review Surprise – Fast and Easy Editor

The StoryPal Story Editor offers the ideal set of easy to use features to get started into this vertical world with expert stories in minutes. Drag & drop makes creating your stories a happiness and even novices can quickly release compelling stories.

8 ) No Website Needed

Although you can embed your freshly developed stories on any website, you don’t require to have a website to get big outcomes with StoryPal … Produce stories and then generate a shareable URL … we’ll host your stories for you!

9 ) Easily Add Calls to Action

You can also add a custom call to action (CTA) to any of your stories… Link to anything you want and when the viewer clicks your CTA it will redirect them instantly… (This is a great way to build your list or make affiliate sales)

Watch the StoryPal Review Demo Video Below

StoryPal Review (1)

StoryPal Review (1)

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StoryPal Review

StoryPal Review

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