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Welcome to this StoryReel Review. StoryReel is the cloud based  software that creates a stunning  new type of  vertical story videos that are specifically designed for Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. They look GREAT on Mobile phones.

StoryReel Review
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Welcome to my StoryReel Review. StoryReel is a cloud based vertical story video creation platform. Story Videos are a new kind of video that is extremely popular and custom made for vertical display on modern smartphones. You can easily edit the professionally created templates to create your story videos.

The fact is that social story videos get an insane amount of views, clicks and buyers and shares on social media. The short vertical videos are all the craze and StoryReel comes with over 100 templates including ones that you can easily customize and sell to local businesses.

You can build your list, send traffic to affiliate offers and build your brand. Millions of people share story videos on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat daily. This new type of video is really hot right now and with StoryReel you can take advantage of this powerful trend.

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StoryReel Review (1)

StoryReel Review (1)

1)  StoryReel Videos are Specifically Made for Mobile

Professionals forecast that mobile users will spend 65 billion dollars online in 2019 … and due to the fact that story videos are enhanced for mobile apps … you’re reaching and engaging more mobile users than ever previously.

2) Multilingual Voice overs with our State-of-the-Art Text-to-Speech

Don’t have a mic, or don’t wish to work with a voice-over artist? Use the Text-To-Speech technology to instantly add voice-overs to your social story, with tons of languages & accents to pick from!

Produce voice overs that connect to your audience. Translate your video into any language and use billions of non-English speaking audiences with method less competitors. Conserve hundreds per month on freelancers, devices and other tools.

3) StoryReel Comes with a Complete Media Assets Library

One big surprise that I found while researching for this StoryReel review was the very extensive video media library full of all the assets listed below.

-Access to 50,000+ Images in ImageLibrary

-Access to 10,000+ Video-Clips in VideoLibrary

-Access to 100s of Fonts

-Access to 1,000+ Background Music in MusicLibrary

storyreel review (4)

storyreel review (4)

4) ReelMerger Feature to Make Longer Videos

Required more time to inform your story? Use our brand name brand-new ReelMerge innovation to loop your video at the push of a button.

Now you can develop epic story videos from 15 seconds to as long as you desire, with no video modifying skills or experience!

5) StoryReel Comes with a Powerful Traffic Making Android APP

Utilize our Android Mobile App to share stories on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook Profiles, WhatsApp or perhaps Skype. Publish to Facebook Pages in One-Click from control panel. Release, Modify or Share Videos by downloading them.

storyreel review (3)

storyreel review (3)

6) StoryReel Connects to Over 500 Social Accounts

Working in multiple specific niches? Have dozens of various pen names? Wish to keep all your social profiles separate?

Good news … you can connect up to 500 social media profiles to StoryReel, so you can pump out story videos to all your accounts in seconds from the control panel!

No need to log into multiple accounts.No need to “cross infect” social accounts. Perfect for working in several niches or with dozens of customers.

7) StoryReel Integrates with SyVID* and LIVEreel*

Tap a button to send your video into your SyVID account to distribute it throughout 8 various video sites and 15 various socials media to get jaw dropping viral traffic, leads and sales that will leave your rivals green with envy.

Want your story videos to “appear” live even when you’re sleeping?

It’s a reality … live video gets more direct exposure on social networks … and now you can turn your stories into “live” occasions that rake in killer traffic, even if you’re sleeping or on getaway!

Simply tap a button to press your story video into LIVEreel, enabling you to arrange and publish it as a “live” video on social media, even when you’re away from your computer or phone!

8) Create Up to 500 HD Videos or Gifs Today

Control the news feeds like a star on heat … with the power to publish approximately 500 social stories daily, muffling your rivals and getting the attention, fans, leads and sales you should have. Publish approximately 500 videos per day.Render in High Definition quality.Export as video or animated GIF.

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StoryReel Review

StoryReel Review


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StoryReel Review

StoryReel Review

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