The Sales Bot Review

Welcome to my The Sales Bot review. The Sales Bot is a cloud based software that creates ready to profit fully hosted websites in a few clicks and even brings traffic from 11+ social media platforms.

The Sales Bot Review
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In this The Sales Bot review, I will be digging into all the features and benefits of this cloud based app that can actually create fully hosted niche specific websites in a click or two.
This software is from the folks that created many immensely popular marketing software like Traffic Robot, Auto Affiliate Machine and Video Profit Machines.

The Sales Bot grabs traffic in a similar as the other offerings from this group but the big difference is that The Sale Bot instantly creates websites in any niche at the click of a button or two. After the website is created you can then begin to drive traffic to your site automatically.

The Sales Bot connects to up to 13 top social media platforms through API integration so that your posts, offers and links are spread throughout the internet in only a few seconds.

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One of the best features that I discovered while researching for this The Sales Bot Review is the way that it imports products for your website with ease. My favorite part is the one click importing of the JV Zoo’s Best Sellers of the Week. After Import you can post each product page to the Top Social Media Platforms in 1 click.

The Sales Bot review

The Sales Bot review 1   )  Fast and Easy 3 Step Process

  1. Login. The cool thing about any cloud based software is that ypu can access it from any computer, tablet, mobile or device with an internet connection. Login..
  2. Click a button to create your unique, ready to earn website in less than 60 seconds…The Sales Bot software creates a niche specific website that is ready to make profits amazingly in 60 seconds or less. Just pick your niche ans go from there
  3. Set up 11+ Traffic Streams in One Click

            Click the traffic button and The Sales Bot will post your website to 13+ Top social media platforms.

* Note the social media accounts need to be set up but that only takes about 15minutes and is a task that only needs to be completed once.

2)    This Software was Created By Real Marketers for Real Marketers

One thing that I realized while writing this The Sales Bot review is that this software was developed by real marketers and this adds so much value due to the fact that they are in the game and their intuition shines through. Think about it, The Sales Bot handles it all from website creation to gathering a steady stream of traffic almost instantly.

 Sales Bot review

Sales Bot review

3)  The Sales Bot Software is Securely Hosted on Cloud Servers

By securely hosting the software on cloud servers, you get the joy of using The Sales Bot from any device with an internet connection. No messy installations and you don’t have to worry about using a mac or Windows as you can use both and even a tablet works for this software.

4) A Real Simple , Easy and Quick User Interface

One of the Joys of today’s leading edge software is the fact that the end user has to do increasingly less to get even more accomplished. Simply said now-a-days the old complex user interfaces are slowly starting to be replaced by easy to use applications. The Sale Bot offers a one two three step solution to make the software do what you want it to do quickly and easily.

5) The Sales Bot offers 1 Click Integration with the Top Social Media Platforms

The Sales Bot uses the APIs from the most engaging social networks websites to integrate with your dashboard so that you can share your offers, posts engagements and website with just one click. Once you get those social media accounts active you get a steady stream of traffic.

* Note: In order to make the most of your social media accounts I suggest that you spend several minutes a day engaging with other users so that they will be receptive to your offers.

The Sales Bot review

The Sales Bot review

6)   Launch Special = Free Agency License

The Sales Bot is the overall complete package. Not just does the software application produce lucrative money making websites for you in minutes, it likewise does all of the heavy lifting when it pertains to driving traffic too. BUT, not just that, if you buy The Sales Bot on launch, you get the agency license worth $497, totally free. This way you can utilize the software application for your customers and charge them for it.

7)  Automatically Imports  the Best Selling JV Zoo Products!

Another surprise feature that I discovered during this The Sales Bot Review is the ability to instantly create a store and then import the the very best selling JV Zoo products of the week. You can even schedule imports as well as the ability to post your products to the 11+ social Media websites.

8)  My Conclusion for this The Sales Bot Review?

Here is the deal, this is where I earn my bread and butter by showing you the real deal with The Sales Bot Review.Here we go. well I think that this type of one click software is really made for the new marketers and I can see why the ease of use is so important to them. I am a website designer so I am used to controlling every aspect down to the fonts, the color schemes and the ability to add custom codes like schema for example. For me I would be frustrated with the loss of total control.

I have to say that ease of use and the speed involved (60 seconds) in building websites is amazing. The free lifetime hosting and the instant traffic creation is what makes The Sales Bot a very valuable asset for the right person that wants to start making  their online marketing career explode.

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The Sales Bot review

The Sales Bot review

When you buy The Sales Bot through my link you will be getting 50+ super valuable bonuses. I have included video marketing and video Apps, software and courses. I also included exclusive training and software with Re Seller rights for a total of 50 Bonuses available here.

The Above button takes you to my bonus page and the sales page. The developer has given everyone 5 bonuses for this and those are the ones that everyone gets. I HAVE ADDED 50+  killer bonuses made to enhance The Sales Bot  so you can get the most out of it!

…About the Vendor

Justin Opay, Billy Darr and David Kerby

Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay are highly sought after Internet Marketing experts who have sold more than 120,000+ digital products both as Vendors and Affiliates on multiple platforms and have 15+ years combined experience, so order with confidence. There latest release was the Traffic Robot.



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