VidAgency Ally Review

Welcome to my VidAgency Ally Review. I will be focusing on the many features and uses of this new client getting breakthrough.

VidAgency Ally Review
  • Product Quality
  • Concept
  • Training Value
  • Marketing Value

VidAgency Ally is both a client getting software and a very intense training design to help you find clients, diagnose their online presence and then contact them with solutions matching their needs. The software is designed to help you find clients with ocal or online business that need a services that the software determines based on it’s diagnosis.

So what exactly is VidAgency Ally? The answer is a both an extensive client getting training and the VidAgency Software. I will be covering he main points in the training this review so that you can determine if you find it an asset for your business.If you into on-boarding clients than you will be served well by this offer. The software is pretty intense and I will have a demo video for you below.

VidAgency Ally is a groundbreaking software that will help you find and land clients. Cloud based prospecting combined with email marketing and it even comes with a fully functional CRM so you can set appointments and keep all the contact information in order.

Watch the VidAgency Ally Review Demo Video

I will be focusing on the main features of the VidAgency Ally. This product consists of two main parts, the cloud-based client getting software and the training,  I went inside and first of all I have to say that the training is really intensive. The training has a complete website dedicated to classes. Ben has gone all out with 7 pillars (modules) and  a clean theme with a progress bar so don’t get lost.

vidagency ally review

vidagency ally review

Let’s Look at the Training

First of all it is a very clean training center with a separate portal from the software. Really nice inside with a professional class room theme with progress bar to help keep your place.

  1. Bypassing the  gate keeper
  2. Winning high paying clients from freelancing sites like, Upwork and Freelancer
  3. Grow you income by landing clients from Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  4. Learn positioning strategies to place you in the right light to earn top dollars
  5. Learn how to build a funnel build more trust and to silence the competition
  6. Get business owners to react to your emails
  7. The right way to set up an agency site that converts and sells your services in just a few days
  8. How to close clients on the phone
  9. What to charge for your services
  10. How to write a proposal
  11. Learn how to land clients without adverts.

This is only the surface of what the training covers. I made a video inside the training portal so you can see for yourself. Nothing is held back in the class curriculum. Next I will take this VidAgency Ally review out of the training section and into the actual cloud basd client gathering software.

vidagency review

vidagency review

The VidAgency Ally Cloud App

The VidAgency Ally is cloud based prospecting at it’s finest. Find clients and do aone click audit reports. Then start an email campaign with so high converting templates. Place potential clients in the CRM and manage your leads and prospects. There is even a built in client calendar to keep appointments and projects on time.

1) Prospect Clients through Google, Facebook, and
Yellow Pages

Easy sweet client finding based on business

2) Detailed Lead Opportunity Finder

The one click audit feature brings back information like, SSL Certificate (yes or no), are they using video, there reputation and mobile readiness to mane a few.

3) Push-Button SEO Audit Reports

Paste a URL into VidAgency Ally app and it will create a fully detailed SEO report that you can use email to prospects or even sell as a service on Fivver.

4) CRM Dashboard Manage Opportunities and Projects

Keep track of solid prospects, create a folder each client. Be ready and on time for follow up calls, deadlines and meetings.

5) Built-in Client Calendar

Nice calendar is integrated to keep projects, meetings and follow ups on time

6) Built-in Mobile Optimization Analysis

Take a peek at the clients site on a mobile emulator and check the load speeds and cosmetics.

7) Push-button Email Marketing to Reach Out and Close Contacts

Create email campaigns right from the dashboard. Custom made templates help to improve conversions.

8) Make Money from Anywhere in the World

VidAgency Ally  is cloud base and can be accessed on any device.

viddagency ally review

viddagency ally review


VidAgency Ally Review Demo Video


vidagency ally review

vidagency ally review

When you buy VidAgency through my link you will be getting 50+ super valuable bonuses. I have included many cloud based marketing apps with reseller rights. They are already up and running so you can start selling and using them right away. I also included exclusive training and software with Re Seller rights for a total of 52 Bonuses available here.
VidAgency Ally Review

VidAgency Ally Review

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