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This ViddyGenie Review will highlight the features of this revolutionary product. Dan really thought about everything.Ranking is so important and I love the way that the developer devoted a large part of his efforts on ranking the video. Backlinks,social signals and syndication are really the triple crown
of YouTube ranking and Viddygennie does all three.

Welcome to my ViddyGenie Review

My ViddyGenie Review will cover all the features needed to create your videos. There also is a powerful video ranking engine built inside. How would you like to create your video, optimize the description, do keyword research and even syndicate the finished video to 20 social bookmarks and 6 social media platforms?

ViddyGenie has been over 6 months in the making. They really took the time to think of everything that a video marketer would want. This is a cloud-based software that is compatible with Mac,Windows and tablets too.

viddygenie Review

viddygenie Review

You can use Viddygenie for Facebook cover videos, special offer videos and product review videos and with 50 templates and 300 frames, you can do any thing that you imagine. In this ViddyGenie Review, I will breakdown the eight (8) main features that I find will help me best in my video marketing campaigns. Here is a list of all the features;

  • Create Short Videos
  • Edit Predefined Video Templates
  • Go Live on YouTube
  • Share Generated Videos
  • Download Videos
  • Rank Your Videos
  • Description Analysis (Tool)
  • Social Share to 24 Platforms

1) Generate Videos

users have the ability to create videos of almost any type. ViddyGenie comes with 50 templates. The categories are product review, Facebook Cover, Special Offer, Business Intro and the Quotes, Jokes and Facts category.

2) Edit Predefined Video Templates

You have the ability to edit any template by modifying, adding or deleting the any video frame in the template

viddygenie Review

viddygenie Review

3) Go Live on YouTube

ViddyGenie offers the ability to go “live” on YouTube with any generated video. Live events are considered as news events and they often rank on he first page of Google. This feature is an SEO booster that will amaze you with #1 rankings for many keywords

4) Share Generated Videos

You will be able to share you generated videos right from your dashboard to Facebook Youtube, Twitter and Tumblr. Start building social signals and Google will give you love.

5) Download Your Video Creations

You have the ability to download your videos so that you can use them anywhere you like. This gives you total control over your creations.

6) Rank Your Videos

viddygenie Review

viddygenie Review

This is a very exciting part of ViddGenie, the ability to rank.

There are actually five(5) parts to this feature. Keyword estimation, keyword suggestion, complete competitor analysis, audience retention and backlink creation.

7)Description Analysis

The description analysis tool first analyses your description and then gives you keyword and description suggestions

8) Social Sharing

viddygenie Review

viddygenie Review

You can share your videos on 24 social bookmarking sites right from your dashboard.

9) Video Syndication

Send your video to Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium, Blogger, Word Press and Pinterest for some traffic generation and backlinks.

10) Link Wheels

Creates Video Link Wheels between your videos for advanced tiered optimization

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ViddyGenie Review

ViddyGenie Review

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