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Welcome to this ViralsiteXpress review. ViralsiteXpress is a cloud based app that builds a viral News sites at the click of a button,Add Fresh Content & Videos on Complete Autopilot and Pulls In Viral, Social & SEO Traffic For Passive Income 24/7!

ViralsiteXpress Review
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ViralsiteXpress gets Viral News Material from the 600 Top News sites and also allows customized for RSS Feeds that Let Users Setup General Or Niche Earnings Sites For IMMEDIATE Authority And Passive Streams of Earnings!

It creates ENDLESS traffic, leads and benefits with inbuilt Social, Viral and SEO Traffic Without PAID ADS. Earn Passive Earnings On Your Viral Website with Amazon Products, Ebay, Adsense, Taboola, Outbrain, Aliexpress, JVzoo, Warriorplus e.t.c.

It’s a cloud based software that requires No hosting, NO domain registration and NO complex WordPress installation & personalization that takes months of times to learn and use.

You just sign in and fill their website information to build a rewarding and beautiful Passive Viral News Website.

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Create passive income news sites very easily. This cloud based software does it all including, gathering content from up to 600 news sites. You can use 20 professionally designed templates for your sites and 20 sections where you can ad adverts! Auto spin function helps you get original content that Google loves!

Viralsitexpress Review

Viralsitexpress Review

1 ) All Automatic Viral News Site Creation

ViralsiteXpress allows you to build Automated Self Updating Optimized News Websites and Draws In Viral, Social & SEO Traffic 24/7 For Passive Income profits. Super easy one click system makes this great for new marketers.

2 ) 20 Professionally Designed Templates

This is a One-Click-Site Builder With 20 Premium Templates:Build Professional Looking Viral websites using these Premium Elegant Templates specially designed for top earnings, profits and a successful marketing experience.

3) Customize Your Websites to Any Niche

You can set the auto post feature to bring in new content from your favorite
news sites. This method of using custom feeds allows you to customize the content in order to tailor your site to a specific niche.

Viralsitexpress review (2)

Viralsitexpress review (2)

4 ) Automatic Content Spinning

To please Google you need original content and to keep your content original ViralsiteXpress comes with a built in “auto spinner”. The auto spinner will change many words in your content to make it original yet keep the same meaning.

5) Connect to 600+ News Sites for Automatic  Content Curation

One very big feature that I found while researching this ViralsiteXpress review was the fact that you can bring in content from up to 600 different news sites. The possibilities are truly endless and you can easily create a customized news niche site.

Viralsitexpress review (3)

Viralsitexpress review (3)

6 ) 20+ Advertising Sections

Admin control panel manager to manage all your ads. Your site comes integrated with
20+ Advertisement Sections for simple Advertisements Management. You can start banking with Google Ad-sense from day one.

7) Use Multiple Passive Income Streams on Your Sites

ViralsiteXpress has one great feature and that is variety. You can monetize your news site from many different source sites. Here is a short list of some of the passive income possibilities. Adsense, Outbrain, Amazon,Ebay, MGid, JVzoo,Warriorplus and Clickbank products just to name a few.

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Viralsitexpress Review (4)

Viralsitexpress Review (4)

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Viralsitexpress Review

Viralsitexpress Review

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