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Welcome to this X-Wave Review and Best Bonus page. X-Wave is a the Most Advanced Video Creation Software Available. This Cloud Based Software Makes Stunning Videos in 3 Easy Steps.

X-Wave Review
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X-Wave is he latest in a series of highly sophisticated video creation platforms that have recently launched.In this X-Wave review I will be covering all the features in great detail. This one has all the frills, like an A.I. video creation assistant so you can make your creations with no experience whatsoever.

You get 10 hot real estate templates,10 general templates unlimited preview renders and 100 background music tracks to really customize your videos. There is even going to be a 3 day training event that will show you exactly how to make money creating these videos in only 3 easy steps.

X-Wave is Super Easy to Use as it Only Takes 3 Steps.

Step 1:

Drop any URL inside X-Wave and the Videoremix A.I. quickly sets into action mode gathering all the images from the offered URL.

Step 2:

Select from our wide variety of expertly created design templates, recognize which images you desire in your video and modify any text to your preference.

Step 3:

You can add a background track or change the images or you can just kick back and view your VideoRemix AI created video render in

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X-Wave Review

X-Wave Review

1 ) X-Wave is Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Absolutely nothing produces videos quicker and much better than Videoremix’s AI. Videos drive much more traffic on Facebook (around 59.3%) compared to images (around 29.6%), [According to databox] So why not change your existing images on Facebook and Instagram into spectacular videos with X-Wave? Or you can immediately develop spectacular advertising videos from ANY URL

2 ) Beautiful Creative Video Transitions

Wish to communicate a specific state of mind, dive in between stories, change to another viewpoint, enliven the story or move backwards or forward in time with your brand-new video? X-Wave includes distinct shifts and transitions to make your videos look excellent and interesting.

*Note: Launch Special-Free Commercial License

X-Wave Review (4)

3) X-Wave Review Surprise – 1 Minute Renders

When You produce a video and you now need to wait hours just to use it ,what’s the point. Absolutely nothing is more aggravating for a video online marketer than seeing the “making” indication icon going constantly clockwise. X-Wave review kept that in mind and made certain that, within less than 1 minute you can render high resolution videos.

4 ) Project Folders to Keep Organized

With X-Wave you ‘d be running a full-blown Video Production & Marketing Company soon, whether that was your strategy or not– seeing the type of cash your clients would aspire to pay you for a video may alter your willpower to simply ‘stay with your company’. And dealing with numerous tasks for your customers’ and even for your service can be rather a tension.

X-Wave lets you nicely conserve your videos inside various job folders. Next time you require a video that you made a number of weeks back, no requirement to scroll through a limitless list attempting to find it. Simply another time-saver.

5 ) X-Wave Comes with Professionally Designed Templates

Your X-Wave review account comes filled with 20 Premium Templates. 10 of these design templates target the Property specific niche (Real Estate) and the other 10 can be utilized to develop videos in whatever specific niche you might pick. These design templates are developed by a group of really skilled designers and online marketers who have total sense of what’s working and what’s not operating in the marketplace today.

Each design template if offered on a platform like Fiverr would quickly bring $250. Yes, these are that great.

X-Wave Review (3)

X-Wave Review (3)

6 ) Publish Your Videos to Social Media

Your brand-new video that you considered bringing to life a number of minutes back is now all set. What next? Download it and after that submit it on various platforms to begin getting traffic? Nope.

Simply upload and rock Social networks with your video from the X-Wave software application.

7)  Upload Any Photo Directly into Your Videos

Would you like an image or an image to be displayed in your video that’s not in the URL? You simply drop an image in the X-Wave Video Developer. No issue. X-Wave offer you complete control to personalize anything that you would like in your videos.

Simply publish the image that you desire, select it while going through the images that X-Wave took out of the URL you simply offered, and see it perfectly incorporated inside your sensational video.

8 )  X-Wave Comes with a Complete Music Library

X-Wave includes an integrated premium music library. Utilize these tracks as background music to set the ideal tone and feel to your video. No tension that you may wind up getting your video removed due to the fact that you utilized music that was copyrighted (Yeah, that occurs) or worst you wind up costs another 30-50 dollars for purchasing the background music files you wish to utilize. X-Wave’s library has music to communicate any state of mind you ‘d like.

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X-Wave Review (1)

X-Wave Review (1)

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X-Wave Review

X-Wave Review

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