XFunnels Review

Welcome to my XFunnels review, I will uncover the complete scoop, good and bad, every aspect of XFunnels, the latest cutting edge A.I assisted funnel, website and landing page building platform that does it all.

XFunnel Review
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XFunnels is the next generation landing page, sales page, in -depth website and funnel building platform. The developers pride themselves on the snappy super fast speeds of their websites. Your looking at your classic all in one platform that really does it all. This XFunnels Review will explore all that and more.

All your images, videos, everything is hosted for you and you even get an SSL Certificate for your sites. So far we are looking at lifetime hosting, a state of the art builder platform with A.I. generated pages and even voice activated elements make XFunnels cutting edge. The platform even handles payment processors as well as unlimited products.

You have a dashboard where you can see the number of visitors to your pages and you can even locate their country origin in the beautifly designed world map integration.

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XFunnels has one feature that sounds like a lot of fun. The ability to snatch, copy and replicate and webpage by simply dropping in any URL. You can change the links and edit what you wish and then re publish it at will.

xfunnels review

xfunnels review

1) Snappy Ultra Fast Websites

The developers are really pushing the fact that their servers are super fast and can handle as many pages as you can make. Fast loading times are very important to Google as they effect the experience of the end user. You will be sweetly rewarded with better ranking when you have fast loading pages.

2) Highly Innovative Drop and Drag Website Builder

You can easily build many types of pages with this platform. Landing pages, Webinar pages, opt in pages, sales-pages and even full blown websites can be built by anyone in a rather short time.I will soon be on the inside and will let you know how innovative it actually is.

3) Instantly Create High Converting Funnels

Now funnel building used to be complicated but with XFunnels Review it is just a matter of a few clicks and a few drops and drags. You can instantly create a variety of high converting funnels and you can also easily edit them. Page Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Lead Funnels and  Traffic Funnels are a few prime examples of funnels that even a newbie can easily build with in this platform.

4) Over 500 Niche Templates

Each of theses templates have been professionally designed by a very skilled artist that is also a web design super star. The templates are both extremely attractive and highly functional. Every Niche that you can dream of is pretty much cover with in the 500 templates.

xfunnel review

xfunnel review

5) Fetch Any Existing Page/Website

This is a great feature that gives you the ability to fetch, copy , edit and then publish any website or webpage with in minutes. You simply enter the URL and XFunnels goes out and fetches it. You can then change many things or just replace the links with yours. Publish it on your domain and profit. Be careful though as image copyright violations can  be expensive.

6) Multiple Payment Integration

Through the use of Zapier you can connect your XFunnels webpage to over 150 apps that perform almost anything that you can think of including Payment gateways Integration with Paypal, Stripe, All Major Email Service Integration as well.

7) Very Extensive Tracking Metrics Included

For starters you can see how many visitors  that came to any particular page. You can also see the country that they are from in the integrated map graphics. Plus they went all the way with Heat mapping, Scroll mapping, Automatic Pixel Placement and A/B Testing too.

8) Very Deep In House Analytics

You can see stats on things like, clicks, conversions and impressions are recorded at each page so that you can go over the starts and make the necessary adjustment to improve your business.

9) Lifetime Hosting of Unlimited Pages on Super Fast Servers

WOW, never pay a hosting bill again! Sorry about your luck there Go Daddy and Hostgator but your services will no longer be needed! I hope that you think that this xfunnels review nailed it.

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xfunnels review

xfunnels review

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XFunnels Review

XFunnels Review

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